Thursday, May 19, 2011

25 Reader Space: Closet Case of Laundry Love

Oh closets.  They can either be a nightmare or the most incredible multi-functional space in the home.  You all know that I have a slight obsession with ensuring closets are highlighted and treated with the same respect as a whole room would be, whether it's by painting them out, adding wallpaper or turning them into a desk nook.  They are often overlooked and ignored and remain bleak and white and lack the luster they could really boast.

Today, a reader confirms for me why I find adding a special touch to a closet makes all the difference in the world.  Prepare to be inspired with what you are about to see!

Kim wrote:

I'd love to share with you my most recent re-do, our laundry closet. We have a small 12.5 square foot laundry closet that was always an absolute mess. There was no rhyme or reason to it and it was an absolute eye soar. I recently added some paint, gave it a good cleaning and added lots of storage containers.

I hope you consider featuring it on your blog!


Like so many, Kim started out with a blank slate laundry space behind two closet doors:

And here is what her laundry space looked like behind those closed doors:

Kim really worked with what she had.  She removed everything, and snagged up some leftover paint to paint out the lower shelf and a stripe around the entire closet!  Then, strategically placed items back in, where they made sense and in streamlined containers.  Oh my word.  Ready to see what a difference some quick updates made?

Told ya!  That pop of color made all the difference to the space.  Now it feels much more like a room than a closet, and I bet she isn't worried about leaving those closet doors open {I know I would on proud purpose!}

She found the storage bins from Walmart, and used an embellishment punch to create labels:

She used some clear jars for some more laundry essentials, like dryer sheets and powder soaps:

She added some hooks for drying:

And for artwork that is also functional, she framed up Martha Stewart's stain removal guide:

As I do, she opted to use a beverage tub in place of a laundry basket!

Leaving her with the most drab to fab closet laundry transformation!  Talk about laundry love!

A final jaw dropping before and after:

And a button for you:

IHeart Organizing

Who else is in awe of this perfectly organized and lovely closet transformation?  Who is grabbing a bucket of paint right now?  What's your favorite part?  Leave Kim some high five love for finding some inspiration and making it her own happy haven.  Because chores are so much more enjoyable when your surroundings smile back at you!

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  1. I love it! You are so good in all your projects and the best part is that your hubby helps you. I will see if my husband can help me in some projects I have been ispired by all the wonderful blogs sharing at Delightful Order's link party.

  2. I love this transformation! I saw these bins at Walmart and wanted them soooo bad! But I couldn't think of how to use them. Not anymore! Thank you for the inspiration to clean up my laundry area!


  3. This laundry room looks great! I also have a laundry closet and did some updates recently...

    I am on the look-out for cute baskets for the shelves. Any tips for further improvement?

  4. Jen this is such a great feature. She truly did a great job with organizing her space. Just put another to do on my list:) Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Thursday!

  5. Oh my! The before picture is my laundry closet. I was wondering how you got a picture of it. :)
    Great ideas!

  6. What a wonderful metamorphosis! Job well done!

  7. This might inspire me to tackle my own laundry closet! My favorite part is the framed stain removal guide. Amazingly useful, yet stylish.

  8. I linked up but can't get your button to work...any suggestions?

  9. Thank you for the feature Jen! I love reading the comments about my little space. It makes my day!

  10. @Randi, somehow I had messed up my button code, I think I got it all fixed now. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!


  11. Great transformation! I love Kim and her blog!

  12. Kim you did an amazing job!!! Jen, thanks for sharing Kim's space with us.

  13. OMG this was my issue with the laundry room as well! I took before pics, not onto the afters :) I have the same stain removal guide - and I'm going to frame it now! How genius!!

  14. Wow - i love the colours....i love the framed guide - being a rented property there is no way i could transfer my laundry.

  15. ahhhhhhhhh that stripe!!!! That color makes me smile and the strip of it is just perfect without overwhelming the space! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  16. Absolutely beautiful, and soooo organized now!

  17. Fabulous! She did a great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  18. I love closet makeovers!! that laundry closet came out great, I love the colors she used.

  19. Totally fab transformation. Makes me want to spruce up my absolutely hideous laundry corner!

  20. Great makeover. I so want to do something with my laundry. We have a high set house, which is not built in. Over here in Aus, it's common to have the laundry downstairs underneath. So it's concreted but open and so not pretty like this. Ahhh, need to see what I can do I think. Thanks!

  21. Ah, the laundry room. I am avoiding mine but thanks for all the inspiration to get moving! I love the color.

  22. what a fantastic makeover! So simply, but HUGE impact!!!

  23. I LOVE this! I have one of these cramped spaces...her before pic is my now picture, but I have that exact color paint left over from a recent job and I almost bought those bins the other day. Now I know what to do with them! Thank you so much for posting this because makes me think my space has happy potential!

  24. Boy, do I love your laundry room! I love those gorgeous colors and I love how even your iron is in the same color. Great job :D


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