Thursday, May 5, 2011

20 May Challenge: Project "Projects" {Sheer Happiness}

Since it's Project: "Projects" month, I thought I would start out with an easy peasy one.  Just to get back into the project swing of things.

I have been begging the hubs to help me out with fixing our curtain situation in our master bedroom....  let me explain.  The dog sleeps on his puppy pillow next to the bed.  He curls into a ball right next to the curtains and pulls on them night after night..... this has slowly been pulling the left panel lower and lower....  totally weird, but that's how our lives seem to work here in the Jones' casa... if something weird can happen, it will!

You can see how completely NOT level the curtain rod has become.... this is quite disturbing to an OCD gal like myself.... The hubs, didn't really even notice, therefore, had no fire under him to fix it.

Not to mention the color of the curtains has also been bugging me.  They really didn't mesh with anything else in the room.  In fact, that did the opposite and stood out as a cry for help.

Don't get me wrong.  Love the color.  Love the panels.  Just don't love them in this room with the other fabrics and colors going on.  Especially considering we have curtains of another color and fabric on the opposite side of the room....

So when Curtainworks contacted me to see if I wanted to test out some of their new window sheers made from recycled fibers, I said YES PLEASE!  Not just because I was already in the market for a lighter, fresher window treatment in the bedroom, but also because I love what they have done.  They created a panel that features "Repreve" fibers, which are made from 100% recycled materials, including used plastic beverage bottles.  How cool is that?

Instead of waiting for my main man to come around on the curtain rod fixing process, I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I am not necessarily the most handy gal, but how hard could it be?

So, I realized that anchors were out of the question after trying to use one and being stopped by what seemed to be a stud in the wall.  Then, I just found a much longer screw, and magically the problem was solved and the curtain hardware was back in level business.

Just removing the heavy blue curtains made the room feel about 1000 times bigger.  I was already getting excited!

Then, I ironed and ironed and ironed some more.  The panels actually ironed out pretty easily, and were so soft and smooth considering they were made from plastic bottles.  I was impressed!

But my favorite part was hanging them up in the bedroom for the reveal of the softer, fresher and room enlarging impact!

It's hard to get it all into one shot, but the curtains actually work SO much better, due to all the other whites I already had going on, from the office nook chair, to the bursts on the mirror, to the lamp shades on the nightstands...

I especially love how the fabric mimics the throw pillow we had on the bed!

We currently have all sorts of heavy and dark drapes all over our home... but now that I finally tried a lighter brighter panel, I am hopping all over that bandwagon.  Seriously, I can see why Young House Love was so smitten with putting them all over their last home!  So smart!  It really changes the feeling of the room!

And yes, I was an awesome curtain leveling gal...

And the hubs was so proud of his handy little lady, he vowed to take his time on future projects as well.... {?}

So there you have it!  The reason why I am in "sheer" happy mode!  An easy peasy lighter brighter before and after moment!

Who else is loving the whiter brighter window treatment craze?  Am I the last to finally hop on this trend trail?  What do you think of the quick update?  And to imagine they can make curtains out of plastic bottles, who knew?  What other typical household items have you found lately made from a recycled product?  Now that's a trend that I hope never goes away!

I wasn't paid to share my opinion of the Curtain Sheers, just thought I would because I totally dig 'em!


  1. The curtains are absolutely beautiful and I love how much light they bring into your room! So pretty!

  2. The room looks a lot lighter and more peaceful now. Great choice!

  3. I like it! They contacted me too, and I was interested, I love that they're made of recycled materials! But when I asked them where they were made they didn't get back to me. Bummer. Did yours happen to come in packaging that tells you where they're manufactured?

  4. I love it. I did this in my daughter's room with a sheer type and it made a huge difference. It just looks so light and airy and I love it.

  5. Th drapes look beautiful! I love the capiz chandelier you have.

  6. We used to have heavy green curtains in our living room, and we changed them over to sheer white panels and the change has been amazing! It really does brighten up the room and make it feel so much bigger. I love the new curtains in your bedroom. It looks great!

  7. It looks very bright and lovely, but I'm curious to know how that affects the lighting in your room at night/in the morning? I need a very DARK room in order to sleep, and have actually used Black Out curtains in the past.

  8. Love the new curtains! They look like they give the room such an nice, airy feel!

  9. Jen I had the same problem in my master bedroom. The curtains I had were black out curtains and were a similar color. My paint color is a bit darker than yours so imagine how heavy they made the room feel. I put up some sheer white curtains and have been in love ever since. I've been hearing a lot about Curtainworks and I think Im going to have to give them a try. Still have two rooms that need curtains:) Thanks!

  10. Wow, I love the difference changing to WHITE makes in the room! Amazing!

  11. They are gorgeous!! I am planning something like for our bedroom.

  12. Such a simple change that makes a big impact. love it.

  13. Such a big difference. Seriously, I would love to have double curtain rods in each room with sheers behind fun curtains. Love your new sheers!! :)

  14. I adore this guest room!! I have our spare bedroom set up as a craft room right now because we don't have a full size bed to have in there full time anyway (just an air mattress.) When we do, I totally plan to rock the office-in-my-closet look :)

  15. Love this look and love that they are made of recycled plastic bottles!!! Holy cow!

    Look awesome!!!

  16. I am a huge fan of white curtains and sheers too. They reflect light and filter them just right.

  17. I think they look fantastic, however I do have a question... Do you find with the light on in the room of an evening that you can see straight into your bedroom from outside? I suppose this wouldn't matter if it can't be 'seen' by neighbours etc...

  18. Hi everyone!
    I am not sure if you can tell in any of the pictures, however, we do also have a set of room darkening blinds installed as well, so the sheers are more for softness and effect :)


  19. I have been wanting to get curtains for my home, I love the affect of the sheers! I may end up doing that!

  20. totally gorgeous Jen! Funny thing is that I'd never noticed the dark curtains before, but now... what a change!!!!! The new ones are so light and airy. Nice job!


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