Wednesday, June 29, 2011

22 IHeart: A Fabulous Find!

I know I know, it's Wednesday!  Where is the Reader Space?  Well, I thought I would bring Christmas early this year... It's a TWO post day!  It's coming later on and I promise it's worth the wait!

Why two posts?  Well, I wanted to get the amazing news out on a fabulous find I found, before it can no longer be found.

And I know most of you won't understand this, or think it's all that amazing.  But for a self proclaimed organizing obsessed gal, it was a FABULOUS FIND!

We all have our vices.  Some like to read gossip mags or watch insane reality television.  Some like feet.  Some can't say no to a nice puffy pastry with sprinkles on top.  For me?  It's beautiful storage.  LOVE LOVE LOVE pretty containers and bins.  It's my cocaine.  I need fixes.  I can't get enough.  Sometimes I find myself sitting in bed at 1:00 in the morn with my iPad just browsing the web for pretty bins.  Mostly just to gaze and awe and be inspired.  Ok, enough with the dirty secrets.

So anyone who loves pretty storage as much as I do, has probably seen/heard of the MacBeth Collection?

It's only the most lovely and colorful storage on the planet.  No joke!

See what I mean?  Drool.  It's OK ladies.  Just let it happen.

I have been eying this stuff up for YEARS.  No joke.  It feels like it anyway!  So what's the catch?  Why haven't I sprung for this beautiful bliss of storage?  Well, as much as I love love love love love the items, I just haven't had the moola, dinero, funds to pull it off.  It's pretty expensive for the average gal.

Here is where the excitement comes in.  I was browsing my local HomeGoods... {Dear HomeGoods, I love you.  You are my bff store.  You always seem to have just what I need when I need it.  xoxo Jen}.

While minding my own business and perusing the isles, I saw something that I was magnetically drawn too.  Something that I had seen before on the computer screen a bazillion times before.  No, it couldn't be?

Oh yeah, it is!  Obviously it's mine and in my home now, based on the picture evidence.  But what would have cost me a whole $42 to purchase online {plus shipping}...

Cost me $9.99 and zero shipping at HomeGoods!  Sigh.

And although I could have taken home all of the different pieces because they are all so fabulous, I came home with only one more.

What again, would have cost me another $42 to purchase online {plus shipping}....

Only cost me $7.99 at HomeGoods!

Yep, I found my dreamy $84 storage for $17.98, saving over $66!!!!!  Can you here me giggling with glee from there?

Wanna know the coolest part?  I was showing my hubs the great price because he was wondering what all the hops and skips were about, and I looked closer at the product label, seeing that the product line is called, "House Candie" by the talented Margaret Josephs {the same as the MacBeth Collection!}.

So I am not just playing around with knock-off's here!!  Talk about winning the storage lottery!

OK, so there is my Fabulous Find.  And yes, we all know I am nuts.  Who else has been eying up this collection, or has even splurged on a piece?  Anyone have a similar experience, with something else you are ooey gooey crazy about?  What great finds have you been snagging lately and itching to share?! 


  1. How is it that I've never heard of Home Goods? I clicked over to the still my heart.

  2. My home goods is over 30 miles away and I have to really be on a mission to get up there. I drool over there stuff and love the big bucket in blue.

  3. I've never heard of Home Goods before either, and I only live 3-4 hours away from you! Super cute stuff though, I'd have bought up too!

  4. Okay, so I'm very excited but also confused. Did you find these containers already covered in the patterns? The pictures make it look like it's some kind of stick on decal that you would add to your own container. LOVE finding things for 2/3 less than what you thought you'd have to pay!

  5. this is half off today on Zulily.

  6. I love Homegoods!!!! You really scored with those two finds. Makes me want to drop everything and head there right now.

  7. Um...totally checking out my local Home Goods for these!!!! So cute!

  8. Ha! Perfect timing...this organized gal scored two of the blue and white bins this morning at our Home Goods!! Love them!!!

  9. Loove our homegoods! So many great finds there.

  10. Me loves Home Goods!!! I actually just went on my lunch hour today {yup I'm lucky enough to have one near my job}. But I actually have about 5 different Home Goods that I can go to that are not far from work or home. Love it. And today I didn't see these at my Home Goods, because if I did, I probably would have had to buy one for something. So cute. Love the black & white one the best. Thanks for sharing your lucky find.

  11. When I saw your first picture featuring those fabulous storage pieces I gasped audibly. Glad my hubs wasn't here to witness it and roll his eyes. We don't have a a HomeGoods anywhere near us. Boo hoo. We went to Ft. Worth last year to visit family and I made my brother-in-law, husband, and four kids go to one with me. :) And I am planning a trip to a larger city about 4 hours away that is opening an Ikea at the end of the month! Can't wait! I shall hit the Container Store, Ikea, and now I will add HomeGoods to the list! Thanks!

  12. So now I am trying to figure out how to talk my kids into swinging by Home Goods on the way to the water park! So super cute. Those prices are fabulous.

  13. Great finds! The utensial caddy looks similiar to the one you just did for your kids art supply, but with a fabulous design on it! It looks like it's in your "cloffice" area perhaps? Please share what you're gonna use it for! I always love your organizational ideas!!!

  14. Oooohh...gotta get to Homegoods, gotta get to Homegoods, gotta...well, you know the rest! :) So cute! Thanks for sharing you FAB find!!

  15. Lately my splurge has been for the clear shoe drawers from The Container Store! I love you Container Store!

    Love these things for my nice heels!!!! Saves on storage because you can stack them in any configuration that fits your space.

  16. I went to home goods to grab one of these and was so disappointed, it is very small. It's adorable but just too small for me. It's also brown and white, in the pics it looks black and white ( though I should have noticed it was called chocolate) lol in my home goods they were located with the brooms and shoe storage stuff :)

  17. JEALOUS...but in a good way! I've been checking out this stuff since I found out I was having a little girl when I was pregnant. I have 2 boys and I've looked at this stuff many times dreaming of putting my little girls room together! She's six months old now. I've never purchased any of it though because of price but thank you for giving me another option to look!!

  18. I have heard of Home Goods but I have never been inside. I can tell just by looking at it from the outside that I would be in heaven in there. Love the containers too! I think I will finally have to make a trip there!

  19. This makes me even more sad that I don't have home goods in my state!

  20. I bought a couple of those tins at my HomeGoods the other day. So cute!!

  21. Thanks so much for posting this! I went to my Home Goods store today and bought both pieces that you purchased, plus a few more. I have been drooling over the MacBeth Collection since finding them on One Kings Lane a few months ago. The price, plus shipping, is just crazy. I heart Home Goods for carrying these.



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