Saturday, July 30, 2011

6 IHeart: My July Sponsors

It's time to give some major love to those that keep IHeart Organizing's lights on, and I couldn't be more excited to send them each virtual hugs for all they do!

As many of you fellow bloggers know, blogging can be {and is for this gal} a full time job.  But it's the best job.  It's a job that brings me new friends, inspiration and daily excitement.  I look forward to blogging in all my spare moments.  To keep this blog baby up and running around the clock, my sponsors offer their support! 

And they REALLY have kept this blog going!  They support my time writing posts and  responding to emails and editing photos, my equipment and the costs that are associated with running a full time blog and even assist me in being able to take on more projects to blog about.  They continue to make this blog possible and for that, I am forever grateful.  So please stick around and take a moment to read about the folks that keep this blog afloat from month to month!


My super gal pal Chrissy, who is an independent Uppercase Living Consultant!  She is a fan of supporting IHeart Organizing as well, and I am blessed to have her on board this month!

Here are a couple of photos to spark your memory, on ways that Uppercase Living can completely transform your space, by adding some decorative wall art or wording!

All wall decals through Uppercase Living are completely removable, leaving no trace they were ever there, which makes these the perfect solution for those living in rentals as well!  And there are endless ways to customize them, with colors and graphic selections. 

Just too sweet right?  Take a second to pop over here to check out the super hot off the press catalog, with all sorts of new ideas and inspiration and products!

And Chrissy is so great to work with, so feel free to pop over any questions you have to her here!


I am so excited to announce a new sponsor of IHeart Organizing this month! 

See Jane Work has hopped on as a supporter of this blog, and it's the perfect partnership since we both obviously have the same passion.  Stylish Organization!

{water bottle, art box, laptop bag, office tabs}

See what I mean?  Totally up my ally right?  Gorgeous, colorful, smart, desk and office organization!

Holly Bohn is the Founder and Creative Director. The idea for See Jane Work came when one of her many trips to an Office Superstore left her feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. "There is only so much you can do with smoke-colored plastic trays," she exclaimed "There must be another way!" After consulting with several friends, she realized there were stylish office supplies out there; they were just so hard to find. See Jane Work was born, the online destination for office style and organization.

But it takes more than just an idea to keep See Jane Work running, it takes a great staff, as well as sales reps, vendors, artists, designers, and babysitters. They are working women and men just like you. They have husbands, and kids, and dogs, and in-laws, and parent-teacher meetings, and business meetings, and lots, and lots, and lots, of stuff going on all the time.

So they know why it's important to stay organized, but they also know that there is more to life than manila folders and ball point pens accidentally lifted from the pediatrician's office.

Yes we are busy, but we can still have fun. And we can still express our individuality. That is why they started See Jane Work. They know you don't have time to search every website that comes up on Google looking for a notebook that says a little more about you than, "I got a coupon in the mail from Office Mart." You want something that says, "I am unique. I have style. I will not wear sweatpants to a meeting with a client ever again, no matter how late I am running."

They feel inspiration comes a little easier to those writing their thoughts in a pink leather journal rather than on the back of an envelope.

{mouse pad, magazine pocket, clip-on label, journal}

I am so thrilled to be partnering up with such a fantastic company that offers a way for us ladies to live simply and beautifully and organized!

Take a minute to pop over to check out all of the endless amounts of products to be organized in STYLE!



Heather, who run's Blondie's Shop on Etsy, is giving me some love again this month, and I couldn't be happier to have her on board!

Heather works full-time, so in her spare time she makes note cards and knits.  Several years ago Heather taught herself to knit for the sole purpose of stress relief.  And she found something out while relieving her stress, she really liked doing it and her scarves became great fashion accessories {for herself} and then she began receiving several requests and started making gifts!  So hence, a few months ago she started Blondie's Shop!  A key element of my scarves and cowls is the combination of colors and textures to create a very unique and fabulous look.  Each one of my knitted items is individually unique.

Because Heather truly enjoyed sending and receiving handwritten note cards, she also realized a love and passion for creating them.  It's an extra special treat to open up the mail and receive a handwritten, heartfelt, short and sweet note, don't you agree?  And because she enjoys scrapbooking so much, she decided to do something with all that leftover paper!  Thank goodness for us she did, her cards are absolutely divine!

{cadence note cards, baby shower invites, margarita summer, a little hello}

There really is something for everyone, and her designs are so pretty and unique!  Oh, and she runs a fun blog too, you can check that out here!

Thanks so much to Heather with Blondie's Shop for continuing to be apart of the IHeart Organizing Sponsorship team! 


Christine with Simple Starfish Jewelry is another talent that I am gushing over!   Once you pop over to her website or her facebook page, you will know why I adore her work!  Well, and I gave you another glimpse as to why here:


The shop is filled with beautiful hand stamped pieces, that include everything from necklaces to bracelets... and the customization possibilities are endless!

She is always adding new custom pieces, I love there is always a variety!

{sun, sand & sea, mixed letters, little love}

Personalized gifts such as these really let someone you know, just how much you care about them {a gift for that summer school teacher?  How about for your baseball coach?}  I have gotten lots of happy tears by giving gifts such as these!  And many compliments on the pendant that I wear on a daily basis.  Seriously, what mom wouldn't be proud to sport her munchkins initials or names?  Love.

Again, Christine's awesome work can be found on her website and on her facebook page, be prepared to stay awhile and gaze at her skills!

Now through August 5th, enter iheartorganizing at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!!  Thanks for a great deal Christine!!


For someone who is a tad obsessed with cleaning and organizing, imagine the match made in heaven that was discovered when I found Toni, from a Bowl Full of Lemons!  She currently runs a blog that gives me my daily fix of all things IHeart, she is quite impressive in her ALL of her many skills!

It's funny because we often joke about how we could be long lost sisters with how much we have in common!  It's so much fun having such a good blog buddy!  And I LOVE her weekly project link up parties.  So much inspiration to be found! 

Not only does the multi-talented Toni run an awesome blog, she also sells Shaklee, which are awesome products!

In fact, I have been using the Basic H2 since reviewing it here, and I LUUUURVE it!

When you pick Shaklee, you will know three things to be true. It is always safe. It always works. And it is always green.  Win win and win right?!

Here is a fact that knocked my socks off, "Through the sale of Shaklee Get Clean® Basic H2® in the last year alone, Shaklee has eliminated 2.7 billion bottles of conventional, ready-to-use 26-ounce window cleaner — if placed end-to-end, these bottles would wrap around the earth more than 18 times!"

The sports nutrition Shaklee special ends July 31st.  It can be found here. You receive the sports nutrition pack a $75 value free when you become a member and spend $70. Its a great special for runners, those who like to work out, do yoga, sports, etc...

Interested?  Check out Toni's Shaklee website here, or visit her blog here to find out more!!


Carolyn, an independent consultant with Thirty-One gifts, joins us this month as a supportive sponsor as well!  Please give her a huge welcome to thank you for hopping on board!

The products you will find when you pop over to Carolyn's Thirty-One Gifts website, are exclusive to Thirty-One and provide style and convenience at an amazingly affordable price. From their key product line, to their “direction” line for teens, or their uniquely crafted “31kid” line for children and moms, you will find so many options to fit every personality type and every situation. They continue to develop new products built on the idea that their products must be stylish, functional, affordable and easy to give as gifts to encourage someone special.

August Customer Special:
With the launch of the new Fall/Winter catalog, Thirty-One is giving 15% off every item in the entire catalog now through August 31st. This is an all-time first!! Need assistance placing your order? Contact Carolyn at

August Hostess Special:
Thirty-One has made it even easier for Hostesses to earn rewards by revamping their Hostess Benefits package. IHeart Organizing readers who host a $450 or more party in August can get our $32 FIVE POCKET CLUTCH for ONLY $5. This is in addition to the wonderful rewards outlined in our Hostess Benefits package. Hostesses earn rewards with any $200 or more party. Contact Carolyn at to set up your online or catalog party today.

You can view a digital catalog or shop on Carolyn's website here and you can also find Carolyn on Facebook here.

Thank you again to Carolyn for choosing IHeart Organizing to place sponsorship!!

Pssst: Currently, Thirty-One Gifts is only able to ship to US mailing addresses only. 


Being organized isn't always about pretty bins, although, that's a definite perk!  In fact, I have stressed right here on this blog many many times, that organizing is about simplifying and streamlining your life and home. has joined in to sponsor me this month!  Can you feel the permagrin I am sporting? is a secure online service that makes it easier for moms to manage family life by providing one convenient location to quickly and easily store and manage family memories {text, photos and videos} and household information {health, possession, and education records, contacts and more}. It provides the ability to access this data no matter where you are, at home or away, with a computer, cell phone, or other device with internet access!

There is so much to be found over on their site, so pop on over to snag up all the details on why they are the perfect solution to go digital with getting multiples aspects of your life organized!!


What can I say?  I have a special place in my heart for my sponsor, Jane, also from The Borrowed Abode, now running her VERY OWN SHOP!   She was my very first sponsor and continues to support me on a monthly basis!  I am so spoiled! 

Janery began with a stack of pretty fabrics, and a girl with visions of pillows popping into her head as she sat in long corporate meetings.

That girl was Jane, and though she is still sitting in a cubicle during the day, her nights are now spent designing and sewing pillows and other home decor items. The more she sews, the more she wants to share her love of fabric and home decor with others."

{ikat pillow cover, secret garden lumbar pillow cover, sunglass case, flour sack towel}

Here are her three driving values:
  • Commitment to using Made in the USA supplies when possible
  • Commitment to giving a portion of all profits back to the community; currently to the Carpenter Center {homeless shelter in Alexandria VA}
  • Bigger goal: to grow into a small company that can provide jobs to skilled, low-income women while providing flexible enough hours to allow them to be home before and after their kids' school hours      *** And every time someone makes a purchase from Janery, they're helping Jane get a step closer to fulfilling that dream ***
-All pillows are fun fabrics on both sides, and have invisible zippers!! {which truly sets Jane apart from many Etsy sellers}

Here is a sneak peak of a pillow design that is coming to the shop next week, available in three different colorways!

By next week she will also have cat purr pads that coordinate with the Ikat Dots print pillows and Dwell Studio pillows!  And she also offers gift certificates, so if you don't know exactly what your bff, mom or sister will love in their space, a gift certificate is the perfect way to go!

I am so excited to watch Janery grow, as Jane's work is SO beautiful and she has an impeccable eye for great fabrics!

Endless thanks to my friend Jane for her continued support of IHeart Organizing!


Another sponsor back again this month is Katie, who sells the amazing Scentsy warmers and scents!  You already know from this post, how much I adore these Scentsy products, but if you are looking for more information, you can checkout the website for all sorts of products and background on what makes Scentsy products such a good choice for filling your home with amazing aromas! 

The cool part about Scentsy, is that you can choose from oodles of scents, to pair with tons of stylish warmers, and through a flame-less light bulb, fill your home with incredible scents!!  They also have boatloads of additional great smelling accessories and products!

I love that any time I open the front door, for myself or a guest, I am greeting with the most amazing aromas.  And it's all thanks to Scentsy!

Thank you Katie for your support of the blog!

Pop over an email to Katie @ anytime, to see what specials she is currently running!


Michelle runs an time and money saving blog that is sure to make all of your lives easier!  Michelle's title says it all.  It's quite amazing really!  But you CAN cook 5 dinners in just ONE hour too!!

Here's how:

Michelle has created a plan to cook all 5 dinners for the week in just ONE hour. All the menu plans have family friendly meals that feed 4-6 people and no, they are not all casseroles. :)

The meals are fresh, not frozen. They keep in your refrigerator until ready to heat and eat!

You could spend one hour on a Saturday or Sunday preparing 5 meals for your busy week!!  Yep, it only costs you the cost of the groceries and the one hour time investment, and you have meals for the whole week!  Done!

Not only does the fact that you can make 5 dinners in one hour sound incredible, but nothing is better than coming home from work and having your dinner already prepared before you run off to that kiddo's sporting event or music lesson.  It saves money on eating out and causes so much less stress in trying to find time to feed your family on a busy work/school night!  This is such music to this mom's ears I tell you!!!

Michelle was also kind enough to share a special promotion, just for you IHeart Organizing readers!  Subscribe here and get a $3.00 discount off the regular price of $15.00 for your first 3 months! Making your first 3 month subscription only $12.00!
You can find all the rest of the details right here on Michelle's blog.  And while you are there, give her some extra virtual hugs to thank her for her support of IHeart Organizing!


My blogging buddy Amanda who writes the blog Our Humble A{Bowe}d,  is continuing to support me as well!  My smiles are plastered!

We have another gal full of incredible talents, and lucky for us, she shares those talents with us through her Etsy shop!

She offers custom cut-outs, I can't begin to figure out how she creates something so amazing, but she does!  She can whip up some playful artwork for your little ones haven!    Or for your haven, in the form of some personalized art!  She also can turn a photograph into incredible wall art!

And seriously, how cute is this... ugh, talk about melting of the happy heart!!

{Bee Happy Print}

She also recently added the option to back her custom cutouts with wood veneer.  So pretty!

Thank you Amanda for sharing your home renovations and crafts with us on your inspiring blog, and for offering up your awesomeness through your Etsy shop, and most importantly, for supporting IHeart Organizing!

It's so important for me to extend my gratefulness to these sponsors, for all they do for me and this blog.  I hope that you all take a moment to check out their fabulousness, whether via their blogs, their shops or their facebook pages.  And you can always find their links by clicking on their banners on the sidebar of this blog at any time.  There is so much talent to be found!  Such a lucky girl I am to have the sponsor family I do!


  1. I love See Jane Work...can I just suggest that it would be so great if the images here linked to the products on the sites where we can purchase them? At least the categories. I love the tabs and notebooks but I'm having a hard time finding them. Thanks!

  2. you have awesome sponsers! I might need to do a little shopping this evening :)

  3. Oooh I'm drooling all over my laptop! What fantastic sponsors!! Posts like this Jen and I might just pack up my life and more to America ;)

  4. Just wanted to drop a note to tell you that I have never actually read any sponsers posts all the way through except yours. You were so sincere, I couldn't help it!

  5. Hmmmm all these goodies in one place, love it!!

  6. Thanks for the shout out Jen. Love the way you put together the storyboards. :)



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