Wednesday, July 27, 2011

20 Reader Space: Jenna's Drool Worthy Entry

Maybe it's in her name.  The reason that I adore her that is... Or maybe it's because she has great organizing skillz.  Or maybe both?  Oh, and I can't forget to mention that her taste is divine, and then she incorporates that divine taste into her organizing...  Bottom line, I love.

I actually featured Jenna once before, remember her amazingly lovely filing system?

You all thought that was good.  Wait 'til you see what else she has in store for us today!

Jenna wrote:

The foyer was one of the first things I tackled in our house.
After all the metallic floral wallpaper was down and a fresh coat of paint went up, I knew something useful had to be done with those walls! It was too narrow for a table or storage bench, so I decided to build a coat rack along the shorter wall. This was actually the first real DIY project we ever did... so we purchased a miter saw and nail gun and got to work.
Being first time DIY-ers, we of course ran into some issues.... like our miter saw being too small to cut the wood, and making the miter cuts the wrong direction, and cutting the wood too short {really, how much can go wrong with one piece of wood?!} But we persevered and made it work. After the wood was up we attached our hooks, and we were done! An afternoon of work was all it took to transform that wall.

For the finishing touches I framed two prints {from my shop,}, in Ikea Virserum frames to fill the space.
On the opposite wall I hung an arrangement of Umbra wall tiles {super cheap! found here on amazon}
I picked up a fun woven rug at Garden Ridge that pulled colors from every room in our house {turquoise, brown, taupe, white}.
We recently replaced our floor tile (found at Lowes for $2.69/sqft). I love the tan and grey mixed tones and travertine look with the rough edges.
Next on our list is to replace the light fixture and outdated mosaic door glass with solid frosted glass panels. It's getting there!
I would agree, it's definitely getting there.  How about a fantastic before and after shot? 
The updates are totally lovely right?  Stunning really.  From the floors to the wall color to her incredible art, I just love it all.  But I am most smitten for that rail.  That one piece of wood with hooks seriously enhanced that entry times infinity and added so much functionality to a functionless space.  Super job well done Jenna, again!

Jenna's blog is full of all sorts of great ideas and decor and eye candy!  A must see!

So what do you think?  Amazing how something so simple can totally increase the function AND style of a space right?  Anyone else making super simple changes that have made their space function to infinity and beyond?

Jenna added some board and batten.  Oh my word, just when you thought it couldn't get better....

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! What a talent. I love the artwork and the hooks on the wall.

  2. I love it!!! I have been wanting to do something very similar on a wall in my house. Unfortunately, I don't really have a "foyer" with walls. So it will have to go on a different wall. But I definitely need a space to hang my purse, etc. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!!

  3. Is it silly I was still diggin the wallpaper from the before shot? haha! It looks so clean crisp and contemporary now! Fabulous makeover! I love all the little accents - they really pop against the wall color now! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Very very pretty! I love that she has all of that good natural envious because I could definitely use some of that in my dark foyer. Great job:)

  5. gorgeous! Love the artwork she chose

  6. Job well done! What a difference some hooks can make!

  7. Can we please find out what color that is? I am about to move into a new house and paint the entry and this is EXACTLY the color I want! :)

  8. What a great project! Jen, I absolutely looove your blog. You have no idea how much it has inspired me! I actually copied Jenna's idea of the binder filing system, and I love it! I've been wanting to ask, how would one go about creating the paper inserts she used to make the ends of the binders look so gorgeous?

  9. Very nice! I recently had my husband build me something similar to your coatrack, but it has dividers for each of the kids (to keep coats, backpacks, etc.)

  10. Really nice! It's so amazing what changing wallpaper to paint alone can do never mind all the other awesome changes!

  11. Thanks for sharing the space and the challenges of your first DIY project. If you hadn't had mentioned them, we would never have known. But it is nice to know that things go wrong for everyone now and then. I really love the address print.

  12. I would love to know where she purchased the hooks!

  13. Oh I love her entry! Beautiful tile and the rail totally makes the space. I recently just got into turquoise, browns and tans so I am loving her rug. Love!

  14. I'd like to know more about that wood flooring she put in!

  15. That's a great entry way makeover! Love the six white tile abstract mural..

  16. What color is this???

  17. I love this look nd love the wall color. What color is this?

  18. Are you passing on the colors of your paint? Very classy, looks great! I have been planning on doing a similar project with the batten boards and I am looking for a fresh paint color! I like how yours turned out!

  19. did anyone ever get an answer to what colour this paint is please??


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