Friday, August 5, 2011

76 Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

It's time.

Time for this blog to head towards some changes.  Some updates.  Some freshening.

Over the next couple of months you will notice that IHeart Organizing is getting a facelift!!! 

I figure, an organizing blog should be, well, ORGANIZED!  And it is fairly organized, however, it could be better.  And there are many areas that need some major updating and maintenance.  And just like I get excited to tackle a room or cabinet in my house, I CAN'T WAIT to get started on this blog, which is like a second home to me!

New Header/Logo? 
Probably.  New colors?  Some.  New writer?  No way, come on peeps!

Here is what I am thinking, the categories, need major fixing.  There are too many, time to streamline those a bit.  I would love to do a better project gallery and more before and afters.  I have plans to make it easier to contact me and find me through social networks.  Like Twitter.  Yes, I joined Twitter.  Now, I just need to figure out how to use it... and to update and post more often!  I would like more consistent topic posts.  I like that I post reader spaces on Wednesdays, and giveaways on Tuesdays.  But I would like more consistency in other topics, like, "You Asked" and "Items IHeart" and "Got 15?"

I no longer want to run a separate blog for our family.  I don't update it enough because I update this one more.  So, because a lot of my friends and family read this blog, I will introduce some more family.  But not too much, not overkill.  Just enough.  I love to read other blogs in which I can get to know their families a bit as well, because it ties into their projects and their passion and drives what they do.  I am no different.  I organize based on the needs of our family and our lifestyle.  I will plan to categorize my family posts so you can choose to love us, or skip over us, it's totally up to you!  But I promise, they are a pretty fantastic clan worth knowing!

I need a tagline.  Who wants to come up with one for me??  I can't pay you to do it, other than by giving you oodles of virtual hugs.

My sponsors mean the world to me and this blog.  They are allowing me to run a full time blog.  There is no way for me to thank them enough for that.  They will continue to get an amazing shout out post which is great for you as well since we sneak in some discounts and there is always endless amounts of eye candy!

Real time blogging?  I love it.  It helps me finish a project all the way through {or I should say, the hubs since we like to call him Mr. 90%}  It shows that we do sometimes take on too much, or work on a project when we have another going on.  More importantly, it shows why we are working on what we are, and why we are organizing the way we are... and yes, we do get messy, I must show you more of that!

More you.  I love reader spaces.  I find so much inspiration from you.  I love that you take ideas you see here and run with them.  I love that you share your ideas with me and the readers.  I love it all.  And I love to do link parties to see what all you are up too and to be in awe of all of your ideas and talent.  I would love to begin to have more formal link parties.  Maybe one for re-purposing an item in your home to organize?  Like a monthly challenge?

More me.  How cool would it be to see more of me within my posts?  I love when I see the blogger actually in the process of doing something.  Makes it feel more "real".  Tripod maybe?  Not sure how I will be pulling this off.... lol

My Services!  I can't wait to begin expanding my printables shop.  It's truly my dream.  And I have busy working on Style Tiles for a few of you, so maybe a Style Tile gallery?  More writeups on the dilemma's and my solutions?

More freebies?  Absolutely.  That really needs to be happening more frequently!

Videos?  So now that I have this handy little flip cam, I think I need to use it.  Yes?  Light-bulb!  I have an idea for a post next week!

This is where I need your help.  I wouldn't be here without you.  This is YOUR blog too!  You keep this blog alive.  IHeart you and I want to keep you around for awhile!  A long while!  And I always take your opinions and thoughts very personally and consider each and every thing you mention.

So be honest.  And feel free to post anonymously if that's easier for you.  This blog is being updated soon so please make sure to input your thoughts to have a positive impact on the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

1.  What do you love?  What don't you love?

2.  Link Parties?  Love em?  More of them?  What are good link party topics?  How many is too many?

3.  IHeart Organizing Tag Line anyone? PLEASE, I am begging you!  My creative brain has left the building.

4.  What topics would you like to see addressed on a regular basis?  {hot storage pieces?  quick organizing projects?  store crashing for organizing goods?  inspiration posts?  etc...}

5.  Better site navigation.  What would make it easier for you to pop around IHeart Organizing?

6.  Anything else you want to add? 

Thanks in advance for taking a moment to comment.  I am excited for the future of the blog!!


  1. I love link parties and lots of "how to" posts, as well. Sorry, the tag line isn't coming to me yet but I will let you know if I think of something.

    Now, I have a question for you. I have a major renovation project coming up in my home, while I work 2 jobs. Blogging is going to be a challenge. Do you guest post or allow reposting of an archived article from your site? I am going to need some HELP!

  2. Annelies from BrusselsAugust 5, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    I think the blog is too long. Since your posts are usually kind of long, maybe you should limit it to two posts a page? I love reader spaces, but I never liked the italic font in which you type there text. Looks kind of amateurish to me. But I reallllly love your blog! Keep up the good work.

  3. First off, LOVE your blog. I'm a new reader and can't get enough of all your great posts!

    My thoughts:
    It's a little hard to read. The font is a tad big for my tastes and all of the colors sort of distract from the main focus - your fabulous organizing tips. Maybe turn it into 3 columns? That might help break up so much of the stuff on the ride sidebar.
    I love link parties. I think they're great for finding new blogs!
    As far as site navigation - it's hard to find your downloads, etc. so maybe a better way of organizing topics?

    Again, love your site and can't wait to keep following along!

  4. When I found your blog a few months ago I seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven! Its like everything I've been searching for under one roof (blog)! I come to you when I need motivation or ideas on where to begin when starting a new project I like your idea about including yourself and your family more. Makes it all the more relatable!! I would like hearing more about schedules and routines and how you get things done and maintained everyday!! Love Love Love your blog!!!!

  5. Oh Jen!! I absolutely love your blog and I think it is perfect. However, I change my blog around like I change my baby's diapers so I totally understand and I think the changes you mentioned are going to be AMAZING!

    I absolutely love the bright, vibrant colors of your blog. I think it's different from all the others and reflects your bubbly personality.

    I, myself, love a good linky party! Maybe do a weekly one where readers can link an organizing project they worked on that week? Make it into a challenge so everyone is at least tackling one space a week? I dunno....

    I'm going to try to think of a tagline for you. Right now....I've got nothin'!

    I love that you feature reader spaces because it allows us to see different homes and how different things worked for different people. I think it's amazing that you do that so I would love to continue seeing that!

    Again, I love, love, love this blog. It's one of the first ones I ever started reading. I have taken so much inspiration from you and your home. So keep on doing what your doing!!


  6. I'm a new reader but I love your blog! I think the right sidebar is a little long, I remember scrolling up and down looking for the "follow me" at first. I love the design and the different font - it shows character and a little bit of you! Sorry I have no taglines that aren't cheesy like "organizing your world one space at a time"... it took me forever to come up with my blog name and I ended up just picking my name! Yeah... no creativity here...

  7. Hmmm.... what don't I love lol! Your blog is great, it always feels so clean and fresh. The colors you use add just the right amount of pop and personality to set you apart. When I first stumbled across your blog, that was what caught my attention.

    I love the layout, though the side bar scrolls down forever, maybe try to find a way to shorten it??

    Love link parties, it's always a great way to see what other people are doing, and to discover new blogs.

    Can't wait to see what changes you're going to make here.

  8. I would love revamped categories! and your new blog topics sound so fun! to rotate though those would be fantabulous and, well, organized! I do a wednesday link party and it makes my life easy b/c all the awesome food comes to me and i always know what my post will be! So more link-ups fo sho! Yours are my fav... I find so many awesome projects through your fab readers! <3

    Basically YES YES YES to all! and if you need twiter help, holla at me =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. I love your organization posts, especially your own! I think the blog could benefit from a static page of links to your past projects, maybe organized by room? I love that on the Centsational Girl blog there's one page that has links to a lot of her "how to's." You definitely have enough content to do the same!

    The link parties are fun and I'm looking forward to reading more about your fam. I've really been enjoying the blog since I found it a few months ago. As a new wife, I'm using your tips when merging all our stuff.

  10. Love, love, love your blog!!! My favorite things are your reader spaces, items you heart, and "you asked" in addition to your general organizing posts. I also look forward to seeing more of you and learning more about your family. Link parties and challenges are wonderful too because they give me a specific task to do and goal to work toward. That motivation helps! I look forward to seeing the changes. :)

  11. 1. I LOVE the way you are so passionate about what you do, and how bright and fun your blog is. I LOVE that your font isn't something like a gray font on a light blue background or something really hard to read or annoying. I love the bright vibrant pics, and I LOVE that I dont have to keep clicking "next page" to get to more annoying!!

    2. I honestly think a once a month link party is good. I notice that one a few of the sites I go on (abowlfulloflemons, miss mustard seed, censational girl, etc etc etc) I keep seeing the same links again and again and its just really unnecessary, especially since they all seem to do it on Friday, or one after another (not saying its on purpose), and it kind of defeats the purpose.

    3. How about "living an organized life"? Or I'll think of another and come back to ya ;)

    4. I love the "got 15", or something like that because I feel like I can actually get it done (although I have those "built ins" bookmarked for when I move into my new house!), or also a weekly easy challenge, and being able to get it done in good time.

    5. I would love to be able to see a pic of something you have done and click on it and then be able to see how to do it. And great before/after pics!

    6. I am one of your oldest readers and I dont even know you, but I feel like I know you. I feel like I have you start a blog and hang with you and sherry (YHL) since I feel like I actually know you all! I would love more free printables! And perhaps in different colors and stuff like eighteen25 does? If thats not too much to ask?? And please don't change your site TOO much, its fab already, just minor tweaks is all! Lovin' it all down in Texas :)

    Also, maybe you could make a video or two explaining how to do something (a la, the built-ins I'm still drooling from) so those who never held a drill (coughmecough) could get it without reading it, sometimes things are easily understood with a video instead of reading it. Oh! And a tour of your house!

    PS: I also love how you give links to everything you own so if we like it, we can get it. But instead of waiting for everyone to ask where you got your amazing stuff from, why not just link it all to the bottom of your posts so you dont have to keep repeating where you got stuff from? Like how you have to keep repeating paint colors and what not. Cause you KNOW we wanna know ;)

    PPS: I really do need to start a blog so that you and other bloggers can come to my house and we can do projects/ thrift, and visa versa, it would be so much fun :) I'm not a creeper, I swear :) Mkay, I'm done now :)

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  13. Hi Jen! I really enjoy your blog. I got to play around with an iPad the other day, and your blog looked beautiful on it! I love how everything is color-coordinated. :) As far as what can be improved... I have noticed a few spelling and grammatical errors in your posts. One that I see often is the word "chalk" when it should be "chock." For example, "This blog is chock full of good ideas!" Always using correct spelling and grammar will help your blog represent you professionally. I hope that helps! I'm looking forward to seeing all the new changes.

  14. I agree with the idea of less often than weekly link parties. I also prefer link parties with a topic vs. general projects etc.

    I love the idea of organizing projects first by room, then by topic so they are easier to find later. (or more descriptive labels. Maybe a consistent naming method for the labels

  15. Tag line Idea:
    ♥ Storage Solutions ♥ Style Ideas ♥ Family ♥

    Ok I am not positive of the words in between, but I thought little hearts (the symbol) would tie in 'iheart' title. I wish I could have come up with a phrase for family that started with an "s"

    Good Luck

  16. Your blog is AMAZING! Honestly a breath of fresh air! Thanks for posting your ideas. It helps me save some daily brain power:) I love your BLOG LABELS on the side. I use that every time I come to your site. It helps me get to what I want right away. :) I'm currently RE filing all my papers and it was an easy click to find your solution!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Don't do away with that:)

  17. I really love your blog already. You're so positive all the time. I love all of the projects you do and the pictures that you post! I really love the reader spaces feature. As much as people love the linky parties, I really don't like clicking through all the links to look. I like what some bloggers do where they feature a few of the links from their linky parties the day after or so of things they really liked. As far as topics I'd like to see, what about how to organize a variety of things and maybe readers could link up their ideas (how to organize children's books, toys, tupperware, closets, etc.)? And I really don't know anything about site navigation, but I would love an easier way to find something you have featured in a post than trying to find the post and read it again. I think that might be what you're talking about doing anyway. For example, I was trying to find the info on those sconces you used in your sons' room from Ikea (b/c I LOVE them and want to get them for my daughter's room) but it took a while since I had to look through all the posts to find that particular one. Those are just my thoughts. Good luck on your changes. I know whatever they are will be great!

  18. Alrighty here it goes...

    What first attracted me to this blog was some of your free printables! I was working hard at creating a family binder and you had the printables posted. That was lovely!

    Organizing on a budget is always a great topic! I have spent so much money on organization methods, but love coming across good deals. I have even started looking at the dollar store for tubs and other helpful tools.

  19. I love your blog! It's my all-time favorite blog. I also love the bright, cheerful, colorful design, and I hope the new design incorporates that. I really like everything you post and look forward to the new things you plan to incorporate including more about you and your family. I really like your wide sidebar with so much information, but some of it could be reordered. It's a little tough to find the subscribe box and the Facebook like box. I would have expected to find them higher on the page. As far as linky parties, I do like them. I really liked what you did with the projects at the beginning of the year (like the recipe organizing, photo organizing, household management binder) and loved exploring the linked posts. Personally, it seems like there are a lot of linky parties on a lot of blogs, and I appreciate the ones that are more specific. For example, instead of having all your linkies be for any project, you could make them more specific (like you'e done in the past). I really like pretty much all the topics you cover - organizing, reader spaces, home improvement projects, cool product features and would love to see more of the same.

  20. Hi Jen,
    I think your blog is fantastic. I love the bright colors of your blog and your cheerful, upbeat writing style. I can't wait to get to know your family better. Your boys are so cute!
    I like Kerrie's tagline. And I agree with her suggestion about the alliteration. The only thing I could think of is "Storage Solutions.Style Ideas.Sentiments".
    I think the only suggestion I have is the spelling/grammar that was mentioned above b/c I'm kind of a grammar nut. The chalk/chock thing has been jumping out at me too.
    But in general, I think you have a great thing going here! Keep up the good work!

  21. As stated in all the posts above, I love your blog. A friend shared it about 4 months ago and I have read every post since (usually multiple times), plus most of your archive. As a fellow pinterest addictee (can one person ever have too many pins?), I really enjoy that sort of post...where you combine elements you've seen from all over the web and magically make them work for your home and loved ones. The one complaint is that I miss "Items I<3"...because it is my very favorite! I adore seeing what other people find useful. :)

    The only tagline I've thought of: "I<3Organizing: From my heart to your home."

  22. I truly love your blog! I look forward to the changes. I cannot wait to hear more about your 'clan'. As a fellow mom to a clan of 3 boys I too organize with them in mind :) Keep up the AMAZING work :D

  23. I also love your blog! It's a daily read for me :-) It seems like you have endless amounts of energy, and from the pictures you've shared with us you are adorable and very put together. I would love some
    "style" advice (i.e do you buy fewer but more expensive clothing and accessory items?) How do you stay healthy and thin and energized (those of us with new babies would LOVE to know I'm sure!)How do you stay disciplined to vacuum EVERY day etc? It just seems like a lot, but I'm sure I would like the results!

    As far as other categories go, the link parties are fun but they can also seem to take over a blog... and sometimes the links are just so-so :-0 I would say keep them monthly versus weekly.

    Happy Bloggin!

  24. Wow Jen...loads of comments ;) I feel your growth and the necessary blog expansion. I have been changing mine for the last 6 months...and it's still on-going because I've had to do it all myself. I really did a lot of research and hired a blog/business coach to push me through the beginning. BUT ultimately we butted heads over what my blog meant to me and how I did want to "sell out"...just to increase my subscribers. So with that being said the best advise I can give you is to stick with what works for you and reflects you FIRST and not just your readers ;) Blog navigation was a HUGE issue for me as well and since I blog about everything...I wanted my blog to reflect that. SO I took the two blogs that I started with originally and turned them into 5 blogs with a landing page (kinda like Pioneer Woman's blog...a girl can only dream ;) This works for me because my SIDEBARS can now reflect the subject matter. If I had any PAID sponsors then I'd put them on the landing page...someday perhaps? ALSO when posting my blog posts I insert a "hard" page separation so that only a short area of the original blog posts shows on the main page...which is great for those really LONG posts that I sometimes have. Recently I provided a new "navigation page" to help my readers understand how/when to find things. You can see it here: I also updated my about page and added it along with my old about page so that new readers can learn about my growth and changes: and here:
    The blog coach tried to talk me into changing my platform from typepad to wordpress and I stood my ground! Mainly because there was not enough support with wordpress...unless you want to PAY for it or if you are really techie and have the time for all the code that is required for a wordpress blog. I know of several bloggers who switched platforms and they've told how sorry that they had done be sure that you do your research in that area. I also changed subscription services based on the coaches' advise and it was a BIG waste of time and money...because I didn't understand the process and ins/outs of the programing that was required with awebber...I ended up spamming my subscribers when I was transferring over older blog posts and lost 50 percent of my subscribers. Live and learn for sure. ALL IN ALL it has been worth it and I love the flexibiity that having the 5 separate blogs gives me for organizing/separating my categories and streamlining my sidebars. For my blog banner I hired a graphic designer and I'm pretty happy with it but I was not wowed by the final product but I guess you get what you pay I was quoted thousands of dollars by blog designers to do what I wanted and it is just not in the budget so I've done the best that I could with what I'm capable of doing myself. Hope this helps...and if I can think of any taglines...I'll get back to you. When I made up my taglines...I tied them into each blogs purpose...if that helps. Fondly, Roberta

  25. 1 Love your whole blog. So inspiring! Don't love so much your later publishing time (usually read other blogs ealier in the a.m. so have to come back to the computer specially for yours... it's worth it, but I would prefer to be able to read at a more "standard" time). Also, no offense, but you often make spelling or grammatical errors that trouble pedantic old me!

    2) Link parties: take 'em or leave 'em. I only like them if there is a real theme, otherwise it gets too overwhelming.

    3) Sorry, pass!

    4) I love the things you do regularly. I guess I would like inspiration spaces, but I prefer if they are "real life" spaces rather than magazine images.

    5) Your blog label links could be higher up on the page.

    6) Great job! Keep going with your passion!

  26. I love your blog. I've been reading since you guest posted on moneysavingmom, and now this has become my #1 go-to blog. I envy your interior design talents!

    First, PLEASE don't use that new script font in the graphics in this post. It's kind of hideous. The other cursive font you've used all this time is really pretty and you should stick with that.

    Second, I often get distracted by spelling/grammar errors. Even just little ones like extraneous apostrophes (like using one's instead of ones).

    The before/after pictures are absolutely my favorite. I would love more Got 15? posts. The italic/colors in guest posts is distracting and unprofessional looking. I think that the right sidebar can be crowded, but there's not much to do there other than separate those items into dropdown menus/categories at the top.

    I also LOVE the colors you use. They go together well, and since EVERYTHING is consistent with those colors, it looks really great.

    I really like the reader spaces as well; I just think that the italic colored font isn't great.

    I also wish that you'd do a major sale on your style tiles. I would love to be able to buy one or two for $25 each! (Other than that, it's a little out of my budget. :( )

  27. I love your blog too Jen. I love the clean fresh lines and simple colours. I love seeing pictures of you and the family. I'm a big fan of linky parties but only of cooking and craft. I don't do enough (if any) organising or repurposing around my house (I really need to though) to contribute but I'd love to look at what other people are doing. I'd also like to see and hear about every day things in your life. I know my life is hectic with a young girl and boy. I couldn't imagine what it's like with 3 boys. Things like how you manage your day with the child care, the boy's baseball practice, grocery shopping, getting dinner on the table, homework, bath, bed etc. I imagine it all runs pretty smoothly at your place. Would love for you to post tips and hints on organising your life.

    Things are great the way they are Jen. Love it anyway you like to do it.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  28. First of all, I LOVE your blog. I love seeing your beautiful home and all the changes you make to it.

    Tagline - "Creating affordable organized solutions for the everyday home." I don't know something along those lines??

    2. I think if you do have a link party you should make the topics co-exist to what you speak about on here. Keep it simple with organizing and before and afters of spaces in the home. This way it keeps your blog true to itself.

    4. Everything you post on here, I read. And I mean everything. That's how awesome your blog is. I like reading about your family. Your boys are so adorable.

    5. I have one suggestion. Maybe putting your popular posts and your features in a label at the top and I do realize you have a lot of those already but, there is a lot of scrolling down to do on that side. As someone suggested up above, I think a three column layout would help this tremendously so you don't have everything on one side. You can put half of the topics on one side and half on the other.

    Hope this helps. :)

  29. I am a new reader and a newbie blogger, so I am not going to critique your blog at all!! I think it is a beautiful blog, the colors caught my attention. Also the fact that the style of your blog looks original is really refreshing. It does not look like everyone else's blog! I love the bright, vibrant colors too!! Your talent is amazing! Seriously amazing! So continue using the gifts God has blessed you with!!! God bless, and I pray your blog continues to become all that you desire it to be! I'll be here looking and taking notes!! :)

  30. Oh Jen!
    I'm surprised you're changing anything I've always been so in love with the look of your blog! Infact we're in the process of changing ours up a bit and I always refer back to yours :) hehe
    I really couldn't offer any advise I really LOVE the look, but I'm sure I'll love the new look just as much!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful family! Those boys are too cute. . . they look like smaller versions of eachother! hehe
    Lots of Love

  31. I love the look and bright cheery colors. The one thing that I really would love for you to add is a source list.

    I love the how to posts and before and afters. I do like link parties but I think they are beginning to be overkill on so many sites. When so many people are posting links it just takes up too much time to look at any of them at all. I would only like those once a month. Or if you need to do them more often please do a recap for us so we don't have to look at all of them. I would love to see your favorites.

    I like your idea to add more family posts so we can get to know you more.

    I also wish there was a better way to leave comments. i don't have a blog and don't like leaving my email psted for other viewers to see but I would leave comments more if I could leave a comment with an email that "won't be shared" with anyone but you. Right now I will just have to sign as anon

  32. Things I'd love to see stay:
    <3 Please keep the plain Black Helvetica on the white background,it's so clear and easy to read! If you must change, keep in mind the general style, because it is so simple to digest!
    <3 I LOVE how everything 'else' is to ONE side, it's one of the things on your blog that makes me love it more than other blogs! It makes it feel like there is more content that is easier to concentrate on.
    <3 Though I understand the importance of refreshing your blog, please keep the white, bright and fresh feel, it sets you apart and reflects the choices you make in your home. I've always loved the random colour font!
    <3 I actually love the long pages and posts, having to click for new pages has always annoyed me on other blogs, but yours gets the content out there really well.

    Things I'd love to see you try:
    * 'Day In The Life Of' posts, where you document the day in images, good bad and ugly! It doesn't even have to include projects, unless you happened to hook into one that day. Mostly I think a lot of us struggle with daily motivation to keep up with chores etc. You might capture the moment where one of the kids created a huge mess, but then also the 5 mins you took to paint your nails or read a magazine :o)
    * If you're going to do more link parties, please show us again how to be a part of it! I often do things inspired by your projects, but have never joined a link party because I don't know how! Also, PLEASE keep them very specific to a project you've completed or want inspiration for. I have visited blogs that have link parties that take up entire pages, and I get overwhelmed, especially if I find the content unrelated ie. Organising blog, link to country style DIY wreath?!?!?!?!
    * Try rearranging the side bar so that the search bar is easier to find. I have to say that is the one problem I have always had with your set up, even when I manage to find the Search bar, it brings up a page of suggestions that are hard to decipher :o( Though I understand you want to give valuable space to sponsors and products, I am here to see what YOU do, and it would be nice if you could unscramble the mix of the two. Keep your stuff at the top, and the other sponsor/product stuff towards the bottom?
    * More 'Got 15?'s! I follow a blog ( that sets daily tasks via Facebook eg Wipe down the TV, Throw out odd socks etc. It easy for readers to keep up with the kinds of tasks that keep The Organised Housewife organised, and because they usually only take a few minutes, it's easy to follow. Got 15? could be similar :o)

    Things I hope don't happen:
    -I must admit, I too don't really like that new cursive font :o( Either stick with the cute one you've always used, or at least something less 'scrawly'
    - If you do more Room Inspiration posts, please use real rooms, not magazine or editorial shoots. I often try reading a new blog for fashion or decor, and if the majority of the blog isn't 'real', I leave, and rarely return. We want to see real people and real homes. Your guest posts are great :o)

    Now, though typos can be annoying, I never really noticed/cared about yours :o)

    I LOVE Ariane's tagline "From my heart to your home" because that really is the key to this whole blog, you share from your heart and home, and we want to bring it into our home asap and fall in love with you along the way!

    You are one of 3 blogs I follow ALL THE TIME. I have read your blog back to front. I refer friends to your blog constantly.
    This means you are doing a LOT right! So don't change too much, just refresh :o)

    Sorry this was so long, but your blog is something I'm passionate about, and you've always made readers feel like they have a say!

  33. I love your blog! My only suggestion would be to somehow make it easier to find past projects. I try to bookmark specific projects that I just love but sometimes I just make a mess. I do wish there was a list/page? that had ALL of your projects. So for example your living room built in I had to contact you to find the original post again. I found pictures around your blog but I wanted the original post that had all of the step by step instructions. Actually I have one more suggestion. I would love if there was an area with links to all of your postings for say the last week. I am a mom to busy toddler and also run a full time daycare in my home, as you certainly understand. I just don't always have time to come online daily. I would love to easily be able to sit down one evening and catch up on what I missed the past 2-3 days.

  34. I love your blog. It's a daily must read. That said it definitely can use some reorganization. I'd use more pages and utilize your top navigation bar more with drop down menus. The sidebar is way too long and wide. I have to scroll forever up-and-down and sideways to see everything. The pictures take forever to load. Try looking at your blog with different computers (friends, library, etc) and you'll notice the areas that need improvement.

    I only like linky parties with specific topics. Your monthly challenges are perfect examples. I'd love to see you do more monthly challenges.

    Personally I don't care to read more about your family unless it pertains to organizing. That's the reason I read your blog- for the organizing tips and solutions.

    My biggest annoyance is the embedded comment box. It doesn't work with Firefox. I have to sign out and clear my cookies, then sign back in using IE and hope it works. This is my second time commenting because it didn't work the first time. It's a known issue with blogger/Firefox so I'm not the only commenter having issues. I know I'd comment more if you had the pop-up or separate page commenting which don't have any issues.

    My biggest pet peeve are the donate buttons, affiliate links, and ads. I know that blogging costs money but I don't need to be reminded of it all of the time.

  35. Hi Jen,
    I'm a new reader too. I think I googled something about organizing a closet and found your blog one night. I stayed up so late that night drooling over your blog and house! The next day I went straight to the container store!:) I love what you have to offer here. Sometimes when I'm not in the mood for cleaning I hop on your blog for a few minutes and I'm soooo ready to get my house organized and straightened up! I'm so inspired by your blog and I am so happy I found it! I am also sooo happy you posted about Maillardville Manor recently because she inspires me so much as well! No complaints here. I'm sure whatever you do will be great! I'm looking forward to reading more about your family too. I also have 3 boys. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  36. I absoulutely LOVE your blog and am totally inspired to clean things up around my house and get organized. Every day I tackle at least one space, however big or small. Anyway, my piece of input has to do with the right sidebar. As others said,it's really long and hard to find what you're looking for. I'd love to see the search bar at the top of the page so I can search your blog for whatever I'm trying to do that day. Otherwise you have fun colors and nice font choices. It'll be great, I'm sure!

  37. Please bring back the printables for the family binder! $50 is a steep price to pay for the package. I can't justify spending that much (as bad as I want to) because my husband and I have been working really hard to cut back on our spending in order to pay off our debt and I'm sure plenty of other ladies feel the same. I know I spend an incredible amount of time on your blog and it would rock to see them available for free once again (maybe like a reader appreciation gift for all the suggestions to tweek the blog design!)

  38. I really like your before & afters and your project gallery. Please keep those! I also love how-to's.

  39. I love your blog. I am one to be changing up the header on mine, and I can tell you it is not always welcome. As much as we like change our regular readers don't like it as much.

    I appreciate the ease in which I am able to read your posts. The text and font is just right to not cause eye strain.

    Definitely work on the categories. (I've been thinking the same on mine.) There are many blogs who have this under control and it is pleasant to find what I'm looking for quickly. Too many categories is quite frustrating.

    I really like that you have just one sidebar, but the ads and pics are too large. I fiddled with mine to make them less distracting, and so they wouldn't make the sidebar so long. Yes you want readers to notice the ads, but you don't want them to be the focus of your blog.

    Jen, you do such a great job. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy reading your posts and visiting your blog.

  40. Tagline idea: Tackling life....One project at a time.

    Love your blog. Love all the new ideas to come! I enjoy learning more about new great storage pieces/ideas. I also love when I read about people who use what they have at home (already) to transform a space (i.e. budget friendly). Excited to read more about your family and see what is in store!

  41. I am an avid reader of this blog, it has inspired me to create spaces within my own home that now work better and for that I (and my husband, child and dogs) thank you.

    As to a tagline? Something about an uncluttered heart of the home? I know there is something in it, just can't quite bring it to the fore.

    As to changes, I find that searching for past posts is hard if I can't remember the title and I end up scrolling for ages through every post. So fixing the categories and search would be fantastic.

    I love that you do lengthy posts too, but I agree with someone further up who suggested that using italic font for the entirety of a guest post is a little... amateur? Changing the font is fine, but large blocks of italic text is hard to read. Maybe try a courier font for guest posts? Looks a little like an old fashioned typewriter.

    I think the link parties get a little bit too much more than once a month, it just ends up on my "To Do" list to look up some of the fabulous ideas, but then gets superseded if another comes around too quickly. Give us time to ingest everything!

    I love reading about your family and having you let us in to your private life, just be sure to keep some of it private too, so that you have something that's just yours.

    Having said all that, even if you left it exactly as is, I would still check in with you EVERY DAY because you are incredibly inspiring and you brighten my day...


  42. I wish I had your guts! I am going to take a baby step though... I'm going to paint my island cabinet! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  43. Wow! you have so many great suggestions. I love your blog and all your great tips. I look forward to your posts just so I can see what you are up to. Your boys are adorable so I would love to see glimpses of your family life as well.

  44. Just found you through Pinterest! WOW! Amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! I am such an organized person but live with 4 people who are not organized at all. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! Keep up the great work!

  45. I started reading when you wrote a guest post on MSM, and I LOVED how refreshing and clean everything looked! I also love the content, especially when you write about what you have been doing-- I've learned so much!

    However, I have thought about unsubscribing sometimes because I feel like all the giveaways and sponsor posts are taking over a little bit. I know that other blogs have tons of these as well, but I would rather read more about how to organize my home than another product that you have gotten from a sponsor (that I probably can't afford right now). I hope that didn't come off as mean, because I really don't mean it that way! I just wanted to let you know...

    Other than that, love all the tips, and would love to learn more about your family, day in the life type posts, recipes, etc. Good luck!

  46. Tagline Idea: Sorting through life's clutter & polishing up its best memories!

  47. Ooooh I got it I got it for the tagline... "From Clutter to Cuter with [your name]" or "since [date]". Ha! OK that was way too much mental energy for a Saturday : )

    Also, I just found you this week from the YHL Pinterest thing so everything looks awesome to me as far as I can tell so far! Rock on! : )

  48. First off...I love previous poster's "from clutter to cuter"! That's cute.

    I am super excited about the videos. I think that will be awesome.

    I think I would like to see more of two easy to view project budget section or budget breakdown. Sometimes I get bogged down in how much it's going to cost me to do something and with 2 small kids going to multiple stores pricing things out, etc is not really something I want to do all the time.

    Second I would love to have more tips on organizing time. Especially as moms but even just how people organize cleaning their people who use flylady (her site is way too cluttered and not easy to navigate for me) and never have to spring clean, etc. And even homeschool their day runs etc. I think organizing our time can be just as big of a challenge as our homes!!

    Love your site and can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be great!!!

  49. Link parties: great, not weekly, use themes

    Idea for a new (once a month?) feature - something to help us parents of children with special needs. For example, organization of medical information when my son has 5 doctors; school stuff (IEP's, communication, work). Then there is the issue that I can't organize lots of things in a typical manner - my son is a senosry seeker and I need to keep things locked up. Shampoo, toilet paper, spices, anything in a spray bottle. He also has developmental delays and doesn't understand some of the basic safety things, but being 8 he is able to get past all traditional child proofing stuff.

    Just a thought.

  50. I love your blog! I love the white background with the left and right margins!! This allows me to scroll on my IPAD. I no longer go to a very popular blog(in top 5). Because she has way too many ads and there is no room to scroll. So I end up hitting the ads. Or her pictures.

    I would like a source list. For example I want to implement your school work storage idea. I cant find a box like you used anywhere!!

    More reader spaces. I love these!!

    I love reading about people's families. Those are my favorite blogs. I want to know the behind the scenes. Having a family takes organization. So it's a perfect tie in

    I do not want to "dream spaces". I have a very nice life, not a million dollar life....but with three kids and college to pay foe....I want livable ideas. Not things I will never have.

    What about a small closet space feature?

    If you do a link party, why not make it subject specific. Examples. Movie, book, crafts, The link party could in turn inspire people to organize all of the tiny projects we never get do.

    I feel there are too many sponsor posts. When I see them, I click off the blog.

    I would like to buy printed items. Not print them myself. My printer is OLD!!!

  51. Hi Jen! I love your blog! What attracted me to the blog was the vibrant colors and the free printables. Don't lose that. ;) I also love the challenges (i.e. the household binder) because I feel like I am involved and am actually using the tips that I get from you in real time.

    I love the projects that you post for your house and I also love the reader spaces posts. And I love reading about you and your family!!!!

  52. Tagline: Where Ideas meet Reality!

    Category organization will help.

    I'm not a fan of it, the blue and white background - it looks like graph papepr to me BUT since graph paper equals an "organized" look it works. :)

  53. I love your blog! I have 2 all-time favorites, and you're one of them! I love your header and bright colors. And I LOVE the photos you take. Some of the best "indoor" photos I've seen on a blog.

    I like the idea of monthly link parties with maybe a specific type of project to work on. I've seen other link parties that have them every week, and are just random....I've just stopped reading them as it gets to be too much like "junk mail"

    I like the idea of better categories, so when i'm working on a particular project around my house, I can quickly refer to to get inspiration ideas! (which I have!)

  54. I love the vibrant colors! I hope they stay.
    Two tag line ideas:
    1. A place for everything and everything in its place.
    2. Organized life. Peaceful mind.
    I only recently found your blog, but I look forward to following you and seeing what old favorites stay and what new ones you introduce.

  55. Hi Jenn:

    I definitely am excited for all you have in store! I love product recs!! Thanks to you I am obsessed with Erin Condren's Life Planner (just ordered my 2012 one) and Project Life...both have helped me tremendously. I would love to see more things like this, apart from hearing about your fabulous sponsors, which I do enjoy.

    I love your rainbows of colours too! I hope you don't swap those out!!

    I like that you keep your decor and organizing changes budget friendly! I read some other DECOR blogs which are very high end and I find them frustrating over time as they're not realistic or accessible for me. So your DIY projects on a dime are amazing and I'm so thankful for them!!

    Mostly, keep being you! That's what makes this blog so spectacular!

  56. Tag Line: Making your life easier, one space at a time.

    I would love to have your highlight storage containers, especially those that are sensibly priced. I would like linky parties where you organize some part of your house and we are to do the same. That's more motivating to me.

  57. I love your blog, you have a lot of wonderful ideas and are so creative. It is refreshing to see feasible ideas that would work in most everyone's home.
    I'd like to see an easy way to search topics such as a search bar or more organized topics.

    I look forward to seeing your updates!

  58. Love your blog, but really wish you could have someone proof read it.
    It's= it is
    When you use 's, it is a possessive apostrophe only. As in, Jane's book, Kate's mum, Preston's shirt.
    When you are talking about a plural, it's just an s. As in, cars, teacups and roads.
    I know this may seem harsh, but greengrocer grammar is hard on the eyes!

  59. Hi, I just wanted to say a few things:

    1) I love your passion for organising - it is lovely to find a kindred spirit

    2) your family is gorgeous - can't wait to read more

    3) I do agree about the apostrophes and chock-full :)

    4) if you're anything like me, you'll need a big hug from your hubby. I also like feedback but it is hard to hear the unlovely things, especially when this is our passion

    lots of love from South Africa
    Marcia (Organising Queen)

    PS people send me notes all the time telling me I spell organising wrong. I don't - we use UK English outside of the states :)

  60. I really like your blog. I love the before and after pictures and the process details.

    I know a change is always fun, but just so you know, I really like the fresh, clean look of the current blog.

    2. Not terribly into link parties. I waste too much time going through all the links. Often there are a sprinkling of the fabulous among many mediocre posts. I do love your reader share posts like the closet redo you posted a day or so ago.

    3.Just brainstorming--functional, clean, beautifying...i heart...

    Where clean and pretty meet.
    Celebrating the marriage of beauty and function
    Room to breathe; room to love

    4. Maybe a once a week equivalent to Fashion Friday posts where you would highlight pretty, functional storage solutions, or inspiration boards (colors and patterns) with links to the sources.

    I like when you get us readers involved by having challenges. I often get lost in theses because the pace is too fast. I get overwhelmed by daily posts even from my favorite bloggers. Just an opinion, nothing major.

    5. I read in my reader, and hardly ever come over here.

  61. Oh, something else I thought--
    Maybe include reader questions?

    One thing I'd like to hear more about is the mental process before a project. Exactly how you decide what types of containers you'll need. What stuff you'll contain, what you need to quit adding to the area.... We're remodling a house and I want to try to think of the flow of life so I can contain the clutter before it happens. That's not a natural thought process for me, so I'd love to hear how you figure this out.

    What if I see containers on clearance that i love, but can't immediately think of a use for. How do I know how many to buy or if I should buy them?

    Also, you could do a once a month feature where you take a reader's home pictures and give suggestions for how they could organize and beautify the space.

  62. I think your blog is fresh and pretty, and has lots of great ideas. I agree with many other readers; I don't like the new cursive (?) font. The new font is hard to read. The only other thing that is distracting to me is the photograph of you at the top right of your blog. I think your hair may be blonde now, but I keep looking for your reddish hair!:) I think an updated photo would help readers connect with your face in future photos. If you don't have blonder hair now then I'm seriously confused and shouldn't be typing blog comments so late at night ;D

  63. Definitely double check the apostrophe usage (someone clarified above)-- it'll help everything look more professional. You do an AWESOME job!

  64. I love all the bright colours! I love the content too. I really enjoy reader spaces, but I don't think I'd like too many link parties. Sorry, but they always seem like a) self promotion on behalf of the people linking and b) an easy way to not really write a blog post on behalf of the blog owner. Once a month or something, with a specific topic as you mentioned would be good, but a weekly free for all would really turn me off.

    I also don't mind the long sidebar at all.

    I love your photos, and I'm glad we'll see more of the family too, it's great to get to know you all.

    When you say the blog is now full-time, does that mean you've stopped doing day care? If so, congrats.

    All the tag lines I can come up with are lame. Sorry. But I don't know if you need one - it's pretty self-explanatory what your blog is about.

    Also, just wanted to say, you take the best pictures! Honestly these really keep me coming back. Blogs with bad pictures really put me off.

  65. I absolutely love your blog, and I just have a couple of comments! I'd love to see more quick organizing posts. Also, I really liked the month-long projects, like the family binder and the photography project. I'd love to see more month-long organizing challenges like these!

  66. Hi Jenn! I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and must say that I'm hooked. I love your projects, know-how and fun, down to earth personality. An idea for your tagline:
    myHeart + yourHeart = iHeart
    It's your happy heart that you share with us on each post that gives us inspiration and ideas for sharing our own happy hearts with the ones we love.
    A huge thank you for sharing your dream with us. You're an inspiration.

  67. Hi Jen,

    I really love your blog!! I read all of your posts and check it in everyday ... sometimes twice a day! I love to organize and am all about keeping things simple, so this blog has been great inspiration!
    1. I love the monthly project challenges; I like the colors and formatting - it makes the blog appealing! I like when you highlight reader spaces, share quick 15 min organizing ideas, storage options, etc.
    2. I don't have a blog so linky parties aren't a big deal to me, but it's nice to see what other people are doing.
    3. ideas!
    4. Storage ideas and organizing for small spaces would be great!
    5. I think that it would be great to organize the categories and work on simplifying the right side bar. It seems like there's a lot there and can take a long time to scroll down to the bottom. Also, it would be helpful to have the search bar higher up ... I like to use it to refer to specific posts. The Project Gallery is a great tool!
    6. Just want to say thanks for keeping up a great blog!! I really love your style, organization, decorating advice, and just about everything else! You do such a great job maintaining and updating the blog ... Thank You Thank You!

    Michelle B.

  68. I also love your blog! Please don't give up the bright colors and white background. It makes you stand out from other blogs!

    I would love to see the "got 15?" posts, or more quick and easy, do it now, projects. I LOVE to organize, too, and am struggling to get time in like I used to with a 3 month old and 20 month old underfoot. Those types of posts would be wonderful for me!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  69. Hi Jen! I can't wait to see all the changes in-store and I know whatever you do will be fabulous! I {heart} your blog!

  70. I love our blog. You're doing an awesome change. Please keep the monthly challenges - they are more inspiring than you probably even realize. I love all of your tips - I have on my to do list to track down those clear containers for my freezer. Brilliant, just brilliant! You have a great sense of color and design, and because of it, your blog is a delight to read. Keep up the great work!

  71. ... apparently, I can't type this late at night. While I love YOUR blog, it's not ours... so I love YOUR blog. Also, you're doing an awesome JOB (not change). No clue where that came from. :)

  72. I absolutely LOVE your blog - it's a daily read for me and something I really look forward to. I love the detailed, step-by-step instructions & pictures that you post. It is SO helpful. I also like seeing you feature other people in the reader space (as a weekly post)
    I love your passion for organizing and having a clean home. I also appreciate you sharing your life and being transparent as it gives me such great inspiration.
    I do agree with many of the comments about too many linky parties, though. Some are good, but I do see the same links and posts appearing on several other sites all at the same time.
    Again, I love your blog - all the great colors and nice clean look. Just continue doing what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place.

  73. Jen,
    I LOVE LOVE this blog! When I only have a few spare moments to read blogs yours is my first choice. I love how it has grown and changed over the past year and can't wait to see how it moves forward. I think the items you listed to change/update are going to be great additions! I love that it's got organizing, family issues (excited to have those posts added!) and decorating/remodeling challenges. I love the reader spaces!! You could do some video tours of the house and live tutorials. I have one small comment, when you include hyperlinks could you consider having them open in a new window? When I click on a link to a sponser site I get to looking around them realize that to get back to finish reading your post I have to hit the back arrow a ton of times or type in your url again. I think it would be much easier to click back and forth with the new windows.
    Carry on!!!
    Sara K

  74. Hey Jen,

    Wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I am not naturally organized but when I manage to create an organized space or corner, I am a happy girl. Your blog helps inspire many solutions for me.
    A thought about organizing categories may be to use a photo as a button to link to a specific post. Ex. a category called 'Kids' could have a photo of kids closet, another of toys storage, another for kids' snack cabinet, etc. Each topic has a photo as the button. I'm very visual and find that I am more apt to continue reading when each category is visually separated. Scrolling and scrolling down some more to find the key word I'm looking for sometimes results in my giving up. Centsational Girl did this and I see how much more appealing it is to navigate specific topics. This especially works for "The House Tour". Each room has it's one button depicting it- clicking on that room reveals all photos of said room. Maybe just me cuz I'm so visual but this really appeals to me personally.
    Again, love your blog and inspiration- thank you!

  75. All those grammar freaks, can go fly a kite! I love your blog, I don't think it's long! I also love the bright colors, I am trying to brighten up my house too, it just makes me happy! Some people just make negative comments because they are not happy with their own lives and need to make others miserable...I can see someone being jealous for you amazing talent and all the beautiful things you have. We as women, always need change. The important thing is that we are happy because we won't be able to make everyone happy. All those negative people need to be grateful for the great ideas you provide. Most genius didn't worry about their looks (Einstein for example). Keep your head up, you do a wonderful thing!

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