Tuesday, August 23, 2011

43 IHeart: The 2012 IKEA Catalog

 First, IKEA and I have no affiliation.  I just heart them for all of their small space living and organizing items and inspiration.  Second, my apologies of how late I am publishing this post today, my arsenal of pre-written posts has run completely dry.  Third, what better is there to do while spending hours on the road on a family vacation, than to look through the new IKEA catalog?  Nothing.  Which is exactly what I did.  So I thought it would be fun to show you what totally got flagged by me because it made me giddy.

Ok, first page I stopped at was 15, where I spotted this closet area:

A couple of things work well here that caught my attention, like the curtain panels to conceal the wardrobe storage, and the rail on the wall for holding all sorts of goodies like jewelry, hats and handbags!

Page 32, IHeart this new bench to pieces.  I want.

Onto page 37.  One of my most favorite pages in the whole catalog.  The whole color scheme of this room left me breathless.

Love the wall color, rug, lighting, layout, art, bookshelves, sofa table and cabinets... ahh sigh.

Page 50 had be in awe since I have been trying to figure out the best way to store my oldest son's puzzle addiction!

I can't wait to give that solution a try, he can just tuck the puzzles under his bed when not in use.  So SMART!

Page 85.  BESTA.  My absolutel favorite storage combination pieces because they look great and are deep enough for both toys or media components and come with amazing new door and drawer options!

Page 87 has my other favorite storage, white BILLY bookcases, and now at a lower price.... I think my future studio may be itching for some of those.... or maybe that's just me.

I have always loved that the bookcases can be combined with doors and trim to create a lovely built in option at a great low price!

Page 98 made me stop just because I love colors and cupcakes.

But then I noticed a fab little cart, which not only works wonderfully in a kitchen, but could be pretty amazing in a craft room for all those clunky craft machines!

Stopped again on page 101.  Gazed.  Ooohed.  Ahhhed.

Love the chair, the vase and storage unit.  Such a pretty combo.

The drool on the magazine pages just started to dry until I spotted these pages, 120-121.

Endless amounts of kitchen drawer storage.  Smart smart storage.

And then a couple more pages in on 125, I stopped and thought, wow, why have I never thought to do that?

Those shelves on the back-splash are genius.  Look at all the storage gained!!  Perfect for itty bitty kitchens!!

Page 152 had a really pretty bed frame... and I couldn't help but think all the colors it would look good in!

And then I was stunned when I happened to see pages 158-159.  It was like out of the twilight zone...

Stenciled wall.  Wardrobe clothes storage.  Sounds like a plan I have for our fairytale dressing room.  Weird eh?  Must be fate.  And I am glad to see that my vision really could look magical.

Page 201 has some pretty acrylic drawer storage.  My favorite kind.

And on pages 224-225, although we don't have a need for a nursery any longer, the soft sided toy storage bins had me at hello!

Page 228, you can never go wrong with the TROFAST system for toy storage.  Never ever.

Any guesses why page 236 caught my attention?

I am pretty sure if you have read this blog for more than five minutes, then you know.

Page 264 has a great wall to wall utility storage setup that I am itching to replicate in our garage!

And I can't even begin to tell you how long I have been longing to snag up some of the storage shown on page 268...

You can bet those ANTONIUS drawer units will be making their way to an under-stair storage closet near me, very soon!

Seriously my friends, how fantastic is the setup of this home's entry on page 274?

With all the hooks, shelves and shoe storage, it's easy to keep the area tidy, even for the kidlets!  And that red door makes my heart skip a happy beat!

Last but not least, pages 312-313 had some food storage options.  I totally dig food storage...

I just wish that they offered more clear food storage solutions....

By the time I was done looking through the catalog, I was ready to start another project around the house.  Only I couldn't, because I was still in the car for a couple more hours....

Who else is finding inspiration in this year's IKEA catalog?  What pages did you flag and why?  Any favorite new products?  What's your favorite piece of IKEA storage?

All images found on the IKEA website via their online catalog HERE.


  1. I loved the cover...with the bookcases hugging the window frame. LOVE.

    Plus I loved the small spaces ideas they had linked to...great ideas since we will be moving in June of next year and might be downsizing a bit. Perfect time to organize and make the space efficient!

    Your blog is so inspiring..but I am sure you get told that with every post you write! ;)

  2. I love my white Expedit with the white "Kassett" storage boxes ,-))) And my son loves the Gosig Golden and Valp doggy!

  3. My fiancee and I are in the process of buying a condo (signing the papers tomorrow!) so when I got that catalog in the mail, I spent a good hour at work putting sticky notes on everything. I love the Ikea catalogs!

  4. Love the new catalog, and recently made a trip. Purchased one of their new plant stands and love! And, saw the little cart too...so need to go back and pick one up before they are all snatched up. And, I couldn't live without my expedite and my grundal (?) shelf and hooks (laundry room!, but love how they are using them in closets now too.

  5. Who doesn't love Ikea? I love going there to look at all the rooms set up, plus it is fun to eat there as well!

    Thanks for sharing.

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  6. I so {heart} Ikea too and love every August when the new catty comes out!! It's always so much fun to dog-ear all the pages and make my wish list. Love your pics!

  7. I have always been so envious of IKEA anything... and having you narrate the gloriousness of it, well, intensified the effect. Too bad I have never, ever, ever, ever lived close enough to an IKEA to actually shop there :(

  8. I can't wait for my catalog to come so I can dog-ear a bunch of pages! We actually made an IKEA trek recently, and I couldn't resist the new price on those white Billy bookcases! We still have to put it together, but it will be so much bigger than the shelf in our boys' room now.

    And I got one of the Antonious basket sets, and now that I put it together, I want more for our other closets!

  9. just spent 3 hours in the ikea near me today! and saw most of what you drooled over in the magazine in person! LOVE that place. really. :)

  10. Aww crap. Now I want to make the 3 hour trek to the closest Ikea...

  11. Ugh! Lucky. I am still waiting for my catalog to arrive, which makes me very sad :( I want to drool and daydream, too.

  12. The Ikea catalog is my go-to for "traditional meets modern" design with a bowl of "organization" on the side. There are too many pages flagged to list here.

    (Sorry for posting as Anonymous, my Google account won't let me comment on anyone's blogs anymore)

  13. I LOVE the shelf under the cabinets. I really tried to convince Ben that we should do that, but with out new kitchen plan, we wouldn't have a place to do that. However, you should! I'd love to see it.

  14. You must, must, must get those glass-front wardrobes for your fairy-tale dressing room and show us lots of pics !!!

  15. I've been stalking my mailbox for a week waiting for my catalog! I miss living 15 minutes from IKEA; now we're much further, but at least still within driving distance. Once the catalog comes in I'm going to start a list of things we need for the new house and then go get my shop on!

  16. Aha, so the new Ikea catalog had been already released? I'll have to check it out here in Spain! Thanks for sharing! =)


  17. I love that puzzle storage solution! And those soft storage bins are great in that nursery, too - I just wish it said what they were or where they were from! I'm on the lookout for something like that (minus the pottery barn price tag) for my daughter's nursery!
    Thanks for sharing - love seeing all of your ideas!

    {brittany} http://brittanyandmattcoleman.blogspot.com

  18. Oh I am SO excited!
    I loveeee IKEA and that tupperware!
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  19. ha - i just went all the way to ikea just to get a copy of their catalog the other night. i also went to their cafeteria, which unfortunately, was not as great as i remembered it:


  20. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like a trip to Ikea!

  21. I had my first trip EVER to IKEA in Minneapolis this past weekend. I am officially in L.O.V.E. I did not buy any furniture this time around, but I got towels, pot holders, cookie cutters, dishes, laundry baskets - I would wander that store for hours. Love love love. :)

    Antonius and Expedit - will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. :)

  22. Love, love, love the under the sofa puzzle storage! I definitely need that!

  23. I just did a few posts on IKEA. I got the 2012 catalog and pretty much ran to the store!!!



  24. LOVE IKEA! We have the bed you love, and the linen dresser, and the kitchen cart!!!

  25. Hi Jen- would you consider doing a post on where the throw pillows are from in your house. I love all the colors and pattens you've incorporated into your house. My living room needs a major pillow makeover and I've been searching high and low for the paisley pillow that is in your living room on the small white chair. Did you make it? I can't find it! I'd love to know where it is from! Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm a hooked daily reader who always references your blog before organizing or decorating a space. - Nicole

  26. My son has a puzzle addiction too - i love that idea, but i have visions of him riding that thing like a skate board all over the house! I wonder, how do you keep your three cherubs from "helping" in your organizing? I have three as well. I'm looking forward to seeing your new playroom - we are in the process of making one too. You're a blessing, thanks for sharing. :-) xoxo

  27. Why oh why won't IKEA ship to Alaska?! I would totally pay $100 shipping for those armoire closets! *swoon*

    Anyone wanna go shopping for me?

  28. I want that laundry area!!!

    I've been loving EXPEDIT lately. And we have found that the shortest drawers in TROFAST are the best Lego storage: They are nice and shallow so you don't have to dump to find the piece you are looking for!

    I've also discovered the joys of buying used IKEA on craigslist. If you can delay gratification just a bit, you not only save some money but you don't have to assemble and you don't have to dispose of all that cardboard and styrofoam (yuck!). Of course it helps to have a truck or minivan...

  29. We actually just bought the china cabinet from page 101 a couple weeks ago in white. It looks fab in our new kitchen, and no one has yet guessed it came from Ikea!

  30. I LOVE Ikea, too, and I am so lucky, because here in Germany, we have Ikea in every bigger city and I went to Ikea this month TWICE plus I will go again with my neighbor, who also likes Ikea products a lot, in the first week of September.
    As my family moved to the new house last year, we still have many rooms not finished furnishing and there are many things that I have on my neverending shopping list.
    I can't begin to tell you about my favorites. This last month I furnished a spare room for my daughter (so she has two rooms now) as her "study" (she will start school next month). I used an EXPEDIT shelf and a desk combination of ALEX (the white one with the drawers where she can store her school things). And in that room we have a BEDDINGE couch which can be used as a guest bed, but she snuggles up there all day to read her favourite books and magazines. She also has the (smaller) MASKROS lamp.
    In my study, I have the Hemnes glassdoor cabinet with 4 drawers in graybrown (to store my schoolbooks and craft books) and absolutely LOVE that series. I want more of that in my dining area to display my dishes.
    Of course, we have the PAX wardobe in our dressing room, and I want one for my daughter, too, now that she is outgrowing her baby furniture. The KOMPLEMENT system is brilliant, plus I want new doors, because we have a pitched roof area in that room and sliding doors will use less of the space. I could go on forever, but as I refurnished my daughter's study recently and will finish that soon, I will do an IKEA post on my blog very soon anyway.

  31. Funny because when ~I~ saw p236 I thought of YOU! LOL

  32. I LOVED the front cover...with the bookcase OVER the window--totally copying that for my teen's room re-do. I want one of those shoes cabinets (like yours) to hide all the shoes by our front door.
    I'm so lucky, IKEA is less than 10 minutes from our house. WHOO HOO!!!

  33. I want 2 Billy bookcases for my daughter's room (they'd look great on either side of her window) but the shipping would be WAY too much. I'll have to remember to stop at the IKEA the next time I'm in Chicago. Of course then I'll want to get the EXPEDIT for the basement. Not sure it'd all fit in my SUV. Jen is there an IKEA close to you or do you just pay for shipping?

  34. I laughed to myself when I pulled up your page today. Yesterday I got the new IKEA catalog and was so excited. Love your blog. You have given me such inspiration to organize my own house.

  35. Thanks for the peak into the catalog. We are living in the Netherlands, so even if I could get my hands on one, it would be in Dutch!! Love the Trofast storage system. I hope we can get that when we make our next move (to Scotland!).

  36. @Jenn, I actually live about 45 minutes from IKEA. Close enough to head there when I NEED something, yet far enough away I am not able to go everyday when I get the itch! :)


  37. AAAAAAH!!!!! My catalog still hasn't come but you've just made me that much more excited to receive it. I'm sold on some BESTA storage for our sooo-to-be playroom but these new door/drawer options are intriguing. Can't find them on the website yet so I guess I'll have to be patient and wait for the catalog. Thanks for the sneak peak!

  38. Yes! We are downsizing to a smaller rental. The theme song on the cover, "A HOME DOESN'T NEED TO BE BIG, JUST SMART" is critical encouragement for me right now. I spent an hour out on the patio soaking up the pages. Once we find our next house, I'll be looking through for specific ideas. Love IKEA!

  39. I never believe anyone if they say they don't own a Billy bookcase - a must have for any house!

  40. So funny the 2012 catalogue was delivered here (Australia) yesterday! I have just started going through it and my 3 flagged items are
    1. PAGE 262 (here) Ekby Alex shelf with drawer for a redo of my 8yo room in a few months. it is a whopping $89 here and i imagine much less there
    2.p 294 skurar pot plant holders - i use ikea plant pots for storage and utensils etc. these will be used for craft stuff
    3. p 303 the fargrik 18 pc white dish set - i have a blue set and would love to mix it with white.

    need a desk for her room so might create one from bits there.

  41. I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out if that closet thing would work in my bedroom. LOVE. I don't think it will, unfortunately, and I'm sad about it because my clothes have taken over every surface that isn't the bed. Oh well.

  42. I just got the 2012 ikea catalogue too! But I live in the UK so I got the UK version... one of the things I hate about ikea is their pricing, for example the cute bed frame on page 152 is $99 in the US and £119 in the UK.

    $99 = about £45
    £119 = about $200

    How did the bed double in price over here when its the same bed! Grr

  43. Yeah, I received my catalog (in Germany) yesterday!!! I went through it and flagged some pages, and when I came back I noticed that I also loved the SIGURD bench which you posted about. I also loved the garage organizing, but honestly, I have so many projects to do in the house that the garage will be done either by and by or it's at the very end of the list ... I noticed that our catalog here is slightly different, and sometimes the pictures are different even if they show the same things. Weird. For example the kitchen picture that you showed with the shelves that you like in the background, is also in my catalog, only the shelves aren't their. The same woman is washing vegetables and everything is the same, only not the shelves.
    If you're interested in what I love from the new catalog, conme over and visit me at http://kram-werkstatt.blogspot.com/2011/08/er-ist-da-er-ist-da.html
    (I post in German and English.)

    P.S.: I am going to IKEA tomorrow. :)


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