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30 Reader Space: A Dreamy Dressing Room

Could the timing on this be better?  I am working on my own dressing room {actually, I have stenciled a wall and saving the funds to proceed}, but as I wait to finish it up, I have been cruising for inspiration so I can make it oooh la la lavish {on a beer budget}.

Now, I promise you that I am not going to be featuring magazine staged pictures on Reader Space Wednesdays, EVER, but I absolutely will feature ones that you amazing readers have completed that are magazine worthy.  Today is no exception.  These pictures look like they are right out of a poshy home mag, but they are from a real life transformation.  And there is endless amounts of ideas and inspiration that can be taken from it.

I will also state, I understand that some of us live in super tight itty bitty living spaces, some of us live in giant homes with wings and pool boys.  So although not everyone may have a dressing room, never under estimate the power of taking an idea and making it your own, no matter the size of your home.  I love to feature all kinds of spaces since I have all kinds of readers.

Dina wrote:

Hi Jen!

I'm not sure if this is something you'd be interested in but I've just finished a big organizing project in our home.  All this year, I've been on a mission to transform formal but purposeless spaces into our home into places my family and I will actually use.  This first room is {or was!} a formal sitting room off of our master bedroom.  It sat empty and unused for a long time because we are just not sitting room people!  So I finally decided to ignore the label and transform it into something my husband and I would use literally every day - a master closet/dressing room.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  Let me know what you think!


And she blogged:

You have no idea how excited I am to finally publish this post.  I first posted about converting the sitting room off our master bedroom into a dressing room back in February.  FEBRUARY people!  That is SIX MONTHS ago.  I guess I won't be too too hard on myself.  I managed to sneak in a few other side projects along the way like new chairs, a stenciled rug, a painted porch ceiling and my campaign dresser.

Hmm...when I write it out like that, suddenly I don't feel so bad. But either way, thank you all for being so patient with me.  I shall reward you with approximately 9,000 pictures of this room.

Let's recall what this room started off as, shall we?

I think it's safe to say, it started off as a whole lot of nothing.  Here is the same view into that room now!

Left wall before:

Left wall after:

Remember my 6 year old-esque drawing of each side?  With a few tweaks here and there, it actually came out pretty close to how I originally imagined it.  


One of the things I really wanted on my side was a makeshift vanity surface.  Someplace I could mount a mirror and display my jewelry.  I have a thing for big, fun necklaces and I found that I was never wearing them because they were tucked away in a drawer.  So I purposefully sacrificed hanging storage space in exchange for a solid shelf vanity surface.  A vintage mirror finishes off the space.

I used a vintage ceramic glove mold to hold some of my chunkier necklaces.  I love this because it keeps them out in the open and I'm wearing them much more as a result.

I mounted 2 of these knobs right on the wall and am using them to hang a few other necklaces.

My everyday jewelry sits on its own little perch right near a framed pic of my favorite people in the world.   The bracelet draped over the frame is vintage from my day at The Liberty Antiques Festival.

Overall, I'm really pleased with how this little spot turned out. 

I also got to put to use some of my favorite hardware that I've been hoarding.


Right wall before:  

Right wall after:

I don't LOVE this full length mirror but we had it and I fit it perfectly between the 2 sides of shelving.  It hides that weird small door but still allows us access to it when needed.  

And my original drawing: 


This light was a bit of a compromise {see the others I considered here}.  Left to my own devices, I would have opted for a crystal-laden, super glam chandelier.  But Mr. H+F quickly reminded me that he had to get dressed in there everyday too.  We settled on this light and I actually love it.  It's throws off a great glow and is made of woven metal over a silk diffuser.

You know I agonized over which way to go with the curtains in here.  Ultimately I decided to go for super bright yellow silk dupioni and I am SO HAPPY I did.  They add the perfect bright happiness to the room that I wanted.  Afterall, I start and end virtually every day in this room!


Finally, without a doubt my most favorite thing in the room - my super tufted velvet ottoman.  It adds the perfect bit of funky glam the room needed and manages to remain gender neutral.  Mr. H+F loves it...success! 

One final look at the whole room! 

Well that's it!  I hope it was worth the wait {that's a joke}.  All in all, we are really enjoying this room.  It's brought great purpose to a once completely dead space in our home.  And we love having all our clothes out in the open.  It keeps you really honest and there's no hiding when you truly don't need yet another blue button down or black skirt, etc. 

Shelving System:  Container Store elfa in platinum and walnut finishes
Ottoman Fabric:  Schumacher via Furbish Studio
Ottoman:  Custom made to my specs by ABZ Upholstery
Curtain Fabric:  eBay via this seller
Hooks:  Anthropologie 
Knobs:  Anthropologie
Vintage glove mold:  Raleigh Flea but you can find lots on eBay here

Read more:

And since I am a sucker for side by sides, one last one?

Wowzers.  I now will be seeking out a plush ottoman or bench for my future personal haven.  Those curtain panels on neutral walls.  Divine.  And all the mix and match of old and new is THE BEST.  I have vowed to do oh so much more of that.  I love the built over time feeling it gives, even if it really was done in just six months!

What I really love is that she had a vision and drew it out.  I do that too.  Maybe it's a secret tip of an organizer at heart?

There is no ignoring that Elfa system.  Dreamy.  It's a superstar system combining hooks, shelves and drawers, that keeps the space looking clean and organized and easy to maintain for a lifetime.  Purely pristine.  And the mix and match of hangers based on clothing type is purely genius. 

And the hardware.  It speaks for itself... love when that happens.

Last but not least, don't you adore the light fixture?  It really shows that the light fixture can be one of the show stoppers in any space, big or small.

So what do you think?  Who has a takeaway {or ten} from today's space?  Where is your favorite place to seek out old finds to bring into your new space?  Anyone else have the amazing opportunity to experience Elfa first hand or rethinking how you use spaces around your home?

ATTENTION!!  Want to be featured in a Reader Space edition?  Have an awesome organizing story to share?  I am looking for projects that have made a positive impact to your life.  Please send your story and photos to and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!!  Photos should be high resolution and un-editted.  Please include a description of the project, including any costs, inspiration, and how it has changed your life and routine for the better!  Oh, and no worries my friends, we will NEVER judge "before" pictures because that just wouldn't be nice!  Only love goes on at this blog!  More Info HERE.


  1. I Love that space and love the elfa systems much myself! Great reader space.

  2. Gorgeous!! Love the transformation of not-used into fabulous!!

  3. Oh my goodness! It is a dream of mine to have an amazing dressing room like that in our 'forever' home!! Beautiful!

  4. That is FABULOUS!! I am in love :)

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am totally drooling over it!

  6. Love this! My master closet is a similar shape, but much smaller dimmensions. I love the elfa system and wanted it ever since they used to carry it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond a million years ago. Alas, there are no Container Stores within a hundred miles of me, so we used the Rubbermaid Configurations system (ordered from Amazon but also at Lowe's). I love it. I've redone almost all of our bedroom closets with it, and have also done 2 coat closets and a big linen closet. It works great!

  7. Thanks Jen for featuring my dressing room! I'm flattered that you all like it. It has been a long time in the making but now that it's done, I'm loving every detail and I LOVE that we're using the space.

  8. Wow. Perfect use of the space and very well thought out. Looks fantastic!

  9. OMG!!! GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing. I do wish I had a room like that to make a closet I will just drool at these pictures. ;)

  10. It's amazing how much bigger the window looks now. Such a well thought out and peaceful space, I could only dream of something like this! Nice work!

  11. What a huge difference! I love that it isn't "over the top"...this is something that is accessible to all big or small.

  12. Drooling and green with envy....

  13. I'm going to have to look into that shelving system. I love the door knobs used to hold her necklaces!

  14. I wish I had an extra room lying around after I saw these photos! I'm gonna add dressing room on the list of things for the next house :)

  15. WOW, wow, wow!!!! I am in awe! It is perfect! I sure wish we had a spot to do this! Love it.

  16. Love this!! Oh how I wish there was a space in my home like this!

    Where did you get the wall stencil that you are using for your awesome dream room?

  17. @MonogrammedEverything, I used this stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils:

    happy organizing!

  18. I love pretty much everything about this space, but I think my favourite thing is the happy yellow curtains against the deep blue velvet of the ottoman. We have a blue room (which has just yesterday been converted from junk room to spare bedroom/jam space) and now I'm contemplating something bright and cheery to accent the window!

  19. WOW! What an awesome room transformation!! I love how organised and spacy the clothes storage is. I love the vanity, and the colour coordinating of his shirts and pants. And oh my, that ottoman! And the bright yellow curtains... the whole room is just heaven!

  20. Jen...FYI for you and readers about Elfa systems. They go on sale for 30% off once every year on Christmas Eve! I save up each year and have bought one each year. I have now got every closet a new system. My pantry is on my list for this next year :) Her closet is divine!! I absolutely agree!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  21. I am pretty sure I need all of those shoes in my life right now!! This is an awesome space. No I do not have a dressing room right now,but I can sooo take some of these ideas and make them my own...My closet is the same shape but much smaller. I love this space! It is sooo happy!!

  22. I am so happy that I saw this today! I am taking my before picture as we speak... or type. I will definitely be sketching out my ideas. Thanks for the tip and I may be posting in the future...

  23. ohhhh love. beautiful.

    i'm curious as to how you organize your jewelry and purses. i seem to have an abundance and am having a hard time scaling down.

  24. So... I noticed this morning that all of my wordpress subscriptions are gone. Ack! This makes me sad because in the past week, I haven't been notified of any of your posts! I added you back to my google reader until I can figure all of this mess out, but now it's time to catch up on your great posts!


  25. Wow, everything about this space is gorgeous! I love the shoe system, but my real loves of this room are the bold ottoman, bright and happy curtains, and rustic lighting fixture! I'll take one of each :)

  26. I just may want to look at this post every. single. day. Jaw drop, drool ooze, eyes unblinking.... One day I want enough clothes to have such amazing storage.

  27. I just moaned out loud at my desk. The beauty of the shoes and the jewels. I'm swooning over here.

  28. do you know what the exact color is of the blue velvet you used? I am looking to make something similar and wanted to know the color yours was.


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