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8 Reader Space: Amy's Closet Takeover Makeover!

Although I may feature multiple similar "zones" when it comes to reader spaces {like pantries or laundry rooms, etc...}, each is different and offers new inspiration and creative ideas.  That's why I adore my readers and Wednesday's and sharing the amazing creativity that you all share with me!  I am left impressed each and every space I get to feature, for your thought processes, your desire to make living lovely and your determination to live a more simpler, organized lifestyle!

Amy wrote:

Hey Jen!!

I just finished up a closet project that I would absolutely love to be considered for a Reader Space feature on your blog!  This closet is under our stairs and has gone through many different transformations since we have lived in our home.  I think I have finally made the closet how I want it.  You can read about it on my blog here:

I am really proud of how it turned out.  It is a constant work in progress {what part of a home isn't, right?}, but right now I'm really satisfied with the space and the added pop of color!

Let me know what you think!

Thanks so much, in advance, for your consideration!  And thank you also for a blog that is so super!!  It is one of my daily reads and has been for a while now.  I just love, love, love your spaces and your creative organization.  Thank you so much for the inspiration you provide to all of your readers!



And she blogged:

We have a closet under our stairs.  And it is a thorn in my side.  Seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, it is great space and provides great storage.  BUT {you knew there would be a but, didn’t you}, it’s just an odd space.  It’s deep, but not very wide at all.  And it houses our humongo water heater in the back {one day when we win the lottery, we’ll upgrade to a Rinnai tankless water heater}. Back in January, I decided to take the reigns on this space and give a good clean out.  You can see that makeover in this post.  But, that didn’t last for long and our needs have changed.  So the closet needs to change.  Right when we got back from our trip out west, I thought it would be a great time to clean out the closet again and reassess it’s function.


Before, this closet had 3 white shelves that housed extra kitchen stuff {crock pot, electric kettle, fish grilling rack, panini press, etc}, all my craft supplies {organized in those $1 clear shoe boxes}, and my ribbon cart.  Oh….and the stupid dog cage.  We also had a clear shoe organizer on the back of the door since we can’t keep our shoes laying around anymore {Emily loves to chew on the rubber on the bottom of shoes.  She’s disgusting}.

This space drove me nuts, Everything was blocked by the dog cage.  If I ever wanted to get to my craft stuff, I had to scoot the dog cage out, go in, get out my boxes, put the dog cage back in.  Lordy!  It was just not functioning that well.  Not to mention, it was UGLY!  And since the dogs stay in there a lot, the door was open most of the time and this is the first thing  you see when you walk in the front door.  Not working for me AT ALL!

So, I cleared everything out. 

Then, while Emily was napping, I had the bright idea to use some leftover paint from our half bath to paint the inside of the closet.


I just love that color blue!  

But the water heater still bothered me!!  While I was in TJ Maxx one day, I saw a really cute vinyl tablecloth for $5!  I thought the blue in it matched the blue on the wall perfectly and I figured I could sew a little curtain to go in front of the water heater.  So I did.


So much better already!  It was looking so pretty that I really didn’t want to “junk” it up by putting all that stuff back in there.  So I got rid of a lot of the stuff I don’t need or don’t use anymore {I even sold one of my stainless canister sets on Craigslist!  Gotta love Mr. Craig and his list!}  As much as I didn’t want to “junk” it up, I still needed it to be functional.  Our home doesn’t have a ton of storage.  In fact, there are no other storage type “closets” except for this one.  So I really had to make the best use of this space.


So….back in went 2 of the shelves and the dog cage.  The 2 shelves hold those extra kitchen appliances, bottles that Emily doesn’t use anymore, reusable Publix bags {not pictured}, and our picnic basket {also not pictured}.  But, at least I feel better about it being “prettier”.  I even added some artwork I found from Eighteen 25!

And I got rid of the clear shoe holder and upgraded to a nice Michael Graves Designs one from Target.  I had a 20% off coupon for it!


So, I feel better about the space.  It’s still not exactly how I want it to be, but I’m really trying to work with what I have on hand with a lot of the different projects I have going on around the house.  I think it’s a definite upgrade! 

Totally great right?  A final before and after?

Here's why I was so excited to share this space today.  There are many great organizing tips and fundamentals included in this project.

1.  She cleared out the whole space!  I love to start from scratch.  It really make you think about what you love, use and need in a space.

2.  She painted out the closet!  YES YES YES!  Make that closet feel like another room in the home!

3.  Hide the eye sores!  What's not to love about taking a cheapo table cloth and turning it into a pretty curtain to cover up that huge eye sore in the back of the space.  It instantly streamlined the closet and draws your eyes to what matters and takes away from the extra visual clutter.  And I love that she used a table cloth for a curtain. 

4.  Purge!  She was a purging machine.  She cut down on the items she returned to her space and even sold items on Craigslist to make a little extra moola!

5.  Never settle.  She mentioned that the space is always changing and a work in progress.  Every project is.  We change things all the time as our family grows and changes.  Just when you think you have it figured out, life throws a curve ball at you and you may need to shift your needs.  Embrace that fact and have fun!

Thank you Amy for letting me share your incredible space today!

So what all do you think?  Did it spark any ideas?  Who loves that she even added in some free art?  What's your favorite part?

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  1. Everytime a reader-space features a painted closet I swoon... I picked out my closet color and its like a tropical escape.. now if only I could convince renters that hawaiian teal closets were an asset and not cah-razy... hmmm... maybe i'll paint them back when I move? ok i'm rambling! anywho! love this! and that curtain makes alllll the difference! totally brillilant! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. WOW! It's amazing how easily she transformed that space!

  3. So glad I am not the only one who paints my closets! :) It looks fantastic!

  4. I am loving this makeover. I too have a storage - utility closet that is long and narrow. I HATE IT but my daughter did clean it out for me and totally reorganized it, so I feel much better about it. AWWWW but a little color and a curtain to hide the furnace and water heater??? that I would deal with...

  5. So pretty! It's like a lovely little room now. Much nicer to see when you walk in the front door!

  6. I so want to paint a closet!. Next house, next house... Great use of the space too.

  7. Girl after my own heart. I love a great painted and fun little closet. Good for her.

  8. just a little concern here. Is the curtain in front of the water heater a fire hazard? Just wondered.


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