Thursday, September 8, 2011

22 Basement Progress - Frame Update & a Link Party!

I couldn't wait, I had to do it right away!  And since I try to keep this blog as real time as possible, I am popping in with a quick update to the lovely picture frame I scored!

If you recall, earlier this week I showed you this beauty:

I mentioned my plans for it, which included removing the glass and adding cork and fabric to create my future studio pin board!  I seriously couldn't wait to spray it.  It instantly moved to the very top of my project to do list, because I knew there was so much potential in this great $10 find!

So I started by removing all of the hanging hardware off of the back and pulling out the staples that were holding the cardboard backing in place:

Then, I placed it on a drop cloth covered by two plastic trash bags that I cut and spread open:

Before I started spraying, I gave the frame a quick wipe down just to make sure that it was free of dust:

For this project I decided to try out Rustoleum's Paint and Primer in one, in Satin White. 

I am usually such a fan of any paint and primer combo paint for walls and other projects, so I figured that it must be just as fantastic in a spray can.  A little bit more expensive than just plain white, but I figured it would give me the best coverage over the dated gold frame.

I must say, it covered wonderfully.  I ended up doing three light coats to avoid any drips or clumps, and I didn't have any which really made me smile big!  Drippy spray paint is the WORST.  I let the frame dry for a couple of hours in-between each coat, and then overnight after the final coat went on, just to make sure that it was cured before moving it.


Spray paint is SO easy and quick and it really allowed me to get into all of the nooks of the frame vs messing with a paint brush!

So what about the dresser?  Here is where the final tally ended after all of your emails, comments, facebook messages, text messages and even a couple of drop ins....

Seeing how close the yellow/white numbers came in made my brain feel better about not being able to sort it out on my own.  Such a close finish!  Thank you to all who voted!!

And a button for you:

I can't wait to see what you share!  And those that aren't linking up, tell me about your recent spray painting experience!  What's your favorite spray paint transformation?


  1. I didn't link up as I didn't address this yet in my post but I spray-painted a few things in my little guy's room makeover. I used his name letters that matched his nursery but did not match the new room. Spray-painted them and I love how it came out. I also used a little ribbon to spruce up the trim. I also spray-painted photo mats and have never done that before. Can you tell I have fallen in love with spray paint?!!

    Here's the link if you are interested:

    Oh, and this is going to be one great pinboard. I have a corkboard in my office and I decided it needs to be bigger. LOL

  2. I love it! I love the change in white! I saw a frame just like that in goodwill yesterday!! I should have bough it :/ lol

  3. love how the white spray paint changed that frame completely--looks great! since we are in the fall season, i linked up a project i finished last fall, hope you like it :)

    katie@little things bring smiles

  4. It looks so nice in white! Now I have to hit the trift store to find myself a big frame like that too!!!

    I'm currently working on my first spray paint project! I decided to paint an outdoor iron table and 2 chairs set... They were black and really old... and when I'm done we will have a new Carribean Blue set! Can't wait to see the pop of colour on our townhouse tiny backyard deck!


  5. I love the look of the white frame. It turned out great! :)

  6. I didn't vote yesterday, but YELLOW for the dresser...ESPECIALLY with that beautiful white frame. Style the dresser with a few white accents on top and it will tie in wonderfully...

  7. I wish I had a garage so I could try my hand at spray painting!!

  8. I vote yellow for the dresser too!! It would look so nice all together!!

  9. Love it Jen! I just totally made over my kitchen shelf with spray paint and I'm loving it! (I linked it up below) Your room is going to look amazing.

  10. I KNEW that I'd love that frame!!! The shape was awesome in gold... but the white just makes it pop!!!

  11. Since I have an obsession that all the frames in my house have to be black, I have spent plenty of time with the can of spray paint. I applaud your patience of putting on multiple coats and letting it dry. I tend to just pop the cap off and go for it. I usually only do a second coat if I see some thin or bare spots...and so far, so good. Of course these are small frames, so I'm not so sure this technique would work on a larger scale.

  12. Love the frame Jen - what a fabulous piece!

    Are you still doing a video Q & A? I have been keeping an eye out for it all week!!


  13. That frame is amazing! I love it so much. I also love this spray paint linky party. What a great idea!

  14. How much was the spray paint? Looks wonderful...maybe you can show it with many details how you will paint / remodel the drawer.

  15. I love spray paint too! I recently spray painted a bunch of frames and covered cardboard with fabric and added some tiny nails to make really beautiful hanging jewelry displays. I do not have a link to that project, but it was easy and turned out great.

  16. This frame has me thinking of a trip to Goodwill. I hope no one in my area reads your blog. I don't want to have to pray them away from my find!

  17. Love the frame! I didn't vote yesterday, but I love the pink or turquoise. Pink would be oh so fabulous! It's your only true girly space! I recently painted my daughter's dresser turquoise and we love it!!!

  18. Love...Love...Love this idea! Featuring it on our weekly roundup at!

  19. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that my finished basement flooded yesterday. After the initial shock and frantic removal of anything important, I became positively giddy over the idea of redoing it! We are very fortunate to be covered by our home owners insurance, we are the only ones in the neighborhood that are. Once I established that we were covered, my mind immediately jumped to all of your projects. We have to completely gut the entire basement, but I am already compiling my ideas to refinish it. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  20. I love how the frame turned out!! and as for the colors, I know your the expert but I personally would try a fun color like turquoise, with all the white you have going on it would really POP against the gray walls.. Excited to see what you choose!

  21. oh gosh i really really love spray paint! i kinda wanna spray paint my kitchen cabinets! :)


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