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35 Reader Space: Becky's Beautiful Family Room Organizing

My pal Becky also runs an organizing blog, and is always full of fabulous and fun ideas!  I am so excited she wrote to share her storage solutions in what is often times the most used area in the home {next to the kitchen of course}, the family room!

Becky wrote:

Hi Jen!  I wanted to share with you my family room, if you would consider it for one of your reader spaces.  The family room evolved from ugly paneling to beautiful and serene.  I am including links to our work station and organizing our game cabinets.

The family room is our favorite space in the house.  We spend so much of our time there as it is all about the family!

Thank you so much for your time!


Lets start out by getting a big picture look at the family room space in Becky's abode.  And I am throwing in the before photos since I am such a sucker for seeing the difference some paint and love can make.  Be ready for amazingness!

They added all sorts of great touches to the space!

A gallery wall!

Basket of cozy blankets:

A table for game playing!

And a workstation for the kidlets!

The room is absolutely gorgeous.  The paint really made it feel so much more open and expansive!  But how does she keep the room looking amazing?  Especially with little ones?  Let's take a closer look at a couple of her tips!

When it came to the study station, she decided on simple small stools that could easily tuck under the desk and out of the way when not in use.  Becky popped a cart at the end of the desk to provide storage.

I love that she used a thrifted basket tray paired with glass jars to corral the writing supplies!

And because she has an open space with all sorts of cords, she smartly hid them using Velcro, which really reduces eye clutter!

In her game cabinet, she used small baggies to corral the little pieces inside of the game boxes!

And then took photos of where the items inside the cabinet belong, so everyone in the family can easily remember where to put things back at pick-up time!

When it came to organizing their video gaming items, she was super smart in maximizing her cabinet space!  Little hooks paired with inexpensive baskets was a quick fix over adding additional shelving!

So many fabulous ideas!

  • The entire space has something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  Such a multi-functional space.  Movie nights, family game night, study time... it can all be done together in one room!
  • Paint + Paneling = Love
  • Becky's ideas are always so smart and simple.  Anyone can easily incorporate her organizing ideas and on a budget!
  • I adore that she created a special work station for the kids in such a great family space.  That way, they can do their homework or play learning games on the computer with the entire family nearby!
  • The idea to take pictures of an organized space to make it easy for the kiddos {and even husbands} to remember where items belong, is easy peasy and genius.  It's basically another form of labeling, and visual labels go a long way with kid's especially.  This concept could be used in endless ways beyond a game cabinet!
  • Becky wanted a shelf in her video game cabinet, but time just didn't permit it, so simple hooks paired with baskets did the trick!  Sometimes when time and money are a factor, we are forced to be more creative and the end results are just as fabulous, if not more, than the original idea!
  • Velcro strips are always a simple and easy solution to wrangling cords!  She did it wonderfully!
  • Did anyone else notice that everything was labeled? I did I did!

Thank you so much to Becky for letting me share her lovely space today!  And for so much more eye candy, you can tour her super organized home here.

 Let's play the favorite part game?  Anyone snagging any great ideas to incorporate into your own home?  Is it funny that seeing stories like this, make me want to go out and purchase paneling, just so I can paint it?

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  1. Wow, just wow! This is stunning! What an incredible transformation. Love the bright blue and lamps. And yes I noticed the labeling! It's beautiful!



  2. wow, seeing the before pics is amazing when seeing how beautiful the after pics are!

  3. Thank you, Jen! You have such sweet things to say and my family loves this room - we spend so much time in here so it's important to keep organized!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  4. I love those small stools! I have been looking for that style of chair-height stools, any way to find out where she found hers? (At least they appear chair-height)

  5. Looks amazing!! Love the difference paint and a bit of organizing can make!

  6. Incredible transformation! It looks AMAZING(:

    BTW Jen, will you be continuing with more YouTube videos? I would love to see more(:

  7. WOW..what a beautiful room..I love her choice of paint, love the lamp shades and everything else looks perfect! Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. What a gorgeous transformation! That is amazing! I love it!

    The Urban Umbrella

  9. I have always wondered about painting over wood Paneling instead of removing it... I'm Sold on this idea! Looks Fab!

  10. What a beautiful and incredibly organized space! I love that it serves so many different functions in one space.

  11. Go Becky Go!!!!!!! Her living room and my bedroom have the same fun palette! <3 it!

    off to check out her blog - I haven't seen it before! =)

    Happy Wednesday Jen!

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  12. Oops I was beyond wrong =) I HAVE seen her blog before (love it!) and follow Becky on Pinterest! lol I'm such a space cadet around the holidays

  13. The basket on hooks really was so smart.

  14. Love the change that paint made!

  15. WOW..what a beautiful allows you to really focus on meeting the goal and you only have to live with the resolution for one month if you find it doesn’t suit you. !

  16. GORGEOUS!!!! So much great inspiration :)

  17. love those baskets on the hooks in the storage cabinet! what a great idea!

  18. Wow, what an amazing transformation! Love it!

  19. Holy Moly! This is incredible! I have dark paneling in my basement and have been dying to take the plunge and paint it, but I am too nervous... they has motivated me!

  20. I love the idea of taking a photo of everything in its place so that it goes back in the right order! Super smart!!

    Sending you sunshine,

    Rachael @ You, Me and Natalie

  21. This is amazing...I love her lamps and game station organizing!

  22. This looks great! I love that she kept the paneling on the walls, adds so much character!

  23. The basket on the cup genius. Simple.

  24. Love the painted paneling! We have that in our apartment and I think it's very rustic without have to do a lot of renovation.

  25. the change is just incredible! i very much love the color scheme. well done!

  26. Wow, this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!

  27. UMMM, hello!!! I am so glad you posted the before photos. What an amazing transformation! I love the color and all of the clever organizational details. Will have to use the "photos for how the games should be stacked" ideal. Genius! Thanks for sharing.

  28. She actually looked pretty organized in the before photos, too. I like the updates she made, but I like wood, too. I do not quite understand why wood has gone out of style as of late, but there is a LOT of wood paneling that really NEEDS to get painted. I love her taste in the after photos!! I strive for this sort of organization WITHOUT being a NATZI Wife and mother.

  29. Probably one of the best most beautiful makeovers I have seen. Nice work Becky!!

  30. Wow!!! Those are aMAZing before and afters! Definitely hearting it...

  31. What a gorgeous transformation! I love the colors and the little touches that were added. I know what a ton of work it was to do, but Becky must feel SO proud of this beautiful space!

  32. Absolutely gorgeous! The room looks so fresh, bright and airy now. I want the lamps! :) Would like to see the fireplace transformed as well. Love all of her organization techniques too!!

  33. Can you please let me know what color paint you used?


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