Wednesday, August 13, 2014

15 Reader Space: A Neatly Organized Office Nook

I always love when folks re-invent spaces around their homes.  It can be so much fun to look at a closet or a nook and give it new functionality and personality!

Sabrina recently gave herself a new place to run her blog, Casa de Keefe, and she couldn't be more thrilled about the outcome.  I personally can't blame her for being excited.  Not only is it a beautiful transformation, she was able to take a space that was a clutter catcher and turn it into a productive workzone!

I asked her to stop by today to share all of the details regarding this sweet little transformation.  Here she is now!

What is the main function of the space?

"Right now, this space serves as my little command center for our family.  I go through the mail, pay bills, clip coupons, plan out our week, set budgets, start projects, blog, and craft in this corner.  In the future, when a baby takes over our lives, this will be my husband's work space.  I'll still use it when he's at work, but for now, it's all mine!"

Any superstar tips for keeping it organized?

"Everything has its own box, basket, drawer or file folder.  The best way to stay organized for us, is to make sure that once we're done with something, it goes directly in the spot it belongs to.  When things pile up, it gets overwhelming and I avoid it like the plague.  Cleaning up a little bit every day, keeps this space (and the rest of our home) organized and happy."

What items were essential when organizing the space and why?

"My desk only has three drawers, which are used for office supplies and files, so in order to maximize the space I had to think, up.  The bins and baskets on the shelves are essential in keeping this space organized.  They house cards, scrapbook supplies, stickers, glue, and stamps.  All of those items used to be scattered around our home, so it's nice to finally have everything corralled in one place."

What did you do to go the extra mile and "Make it Pretty"?

"The best advice I can give to make things pretty is to add a little bit of Ryan Gosling... I'm only half joking.  Aside from that book, I made sure to stick within a color theme, of rich navy blues, dark wood tones and white, so it flows well with the rest of our home.  I also made sure to add both masculine and feminine touches so my husband wouldn't feel too out of place for when he'll eventually need to use this as his main office."

What items did you DIY to stay on a budget?

"Everything here was either purchased or gifted, however, I did end up staining the pin board.  The wood was too light, but it was the perfect size.  So I taped it up and stained it darker.  It was a super quick project that really makes that small wall space pop."

How has this space impacted your life for the better?

"I had been super motivated (after being blogged obsessed) when we bought this place.  I wanted to use every ounce of space we had for the better.  I also wanted to plan ahead for when a baby came into the picture, and my husband would lose the second bedroom to the little one.  This closet was big enough (or really the only option) for him down the road, and more than enough space for me to organize our family life with.

I'll always have a little soft spot in my heart for this closet office.  It sounds silly, but it's the first home project that my husband and I did together.  It also got me more exposure in blog land and helped me into my little E-Design business.  Who knew that a desire for function could lead to such great things?  Well, aside from you Jen..."

How about a before and after, you won't even believe it was the same little nook.  Eye popping awesomeness!

Some closets really just collect clutter.  They are the stash and dash zones and serve no other purpose.  So why not change that?  I love that Sabrina extended the functionality of her home and essentially added a room. 

She was oh so smart in thinking up!  Those shelves paired with boxes give her a place to hide all of that small office noise that can quickly take over.  Stamps, crafting supplies, etc... all live there, but you wouldn't know it.  And my favorite piece of advice from Sabrina was to keep a simple and common color scheme.  A space can be organized in boxes and bins of every color of the rainbow, but keeping consistency in colors and finishes is what really takes a project to the next level.  It just looks so fresh and pretty.  And can we talk about that mirror for a minute?  Icing on the closet cake.

Sabrina and her husband did a marvelous job on their first project.  And the fact that it is inspiring Sabrina to follow her dreams?  Well that just melts my happy heart!

Do you have any clutter collecting nooks that are screaming for your attention?  How are you re-evaluating your spaces to create added "fun"ctionality?

You can find out more details for this closet turned office nook makeover over on Sabrina's blog here

*  All images courtesy of Casa de Keefe

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  1. I am loving the simplicity, yet it's glam and earthy! I don't normally like navy, but I have to say the color choices are perfect!

  2. Where is the desk from? I love it!

    1. Hi Kandra!

      I believe the desk was from Pottery Barn. :)


  3. I love it! Such a good combination of grey and navy. I also love the dark stain on the noticeboard. A massive difference from before to the after pic :)

  4. I am surprised by clutter here. Love the pillow!

  5. Love love love love love!

    Gianni x

  6. Beautiful space! It is so important for your work space to support you so your mind is clear and focused! :)

  7. Great little space!!! Love the idea of shelves above the desk... I just had a "duh!" Moment!! In such a good way though!!

  8. Wow, this is an amazing transformation. Lots of thought obviously went into the new space. :)

  9. I love this! We have an under stairs cupboard that is filled with random useless stuff and I just turned to my husband after reading this and told him that I want to take the door off and turn it into an office nook for me! I foresee a DIY project in my future :)

  10. I absolutely love this office space. You did an excellent job maximizing the use of the "old closet". Very well done.

  11. This is fantastic! I would love to do something like this in our kitchen...thanks for the inspiration!


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