Thursday, October 9, 2014

19 UHeart Organizing: A Pretty Place for Jewelry

Today I am excited to introduce you to the newest member of the iHeart Organizing contributor family!  Aniko, the brilliant writer behind the blog Place Of My Taste, is no stranger around here.  After two amazing Reader Space features, I invited her to come on board as a regular contributing member.  I adore her to pieces and beyond thrilled she is here today to share her beautiful method for storing her jewelry.  A girl after my own heart, she did a quick and inexpensive project and now she has a way to corral her daily bling.

Hello iHeart Readers, I am so honored to be here and to be part of Jen's amazing team. I was featured here a few times before ( Entry Way - Organized Garage ) and now it is truly unbelievable that I have the opportunity to share my creativity and work with you regularly. I brought a pretty jewelry organizer tray as my first contributor post. It is a very easy, yet lovely little project. Luckily, a new Goodwill store has just opened up few streets over from my house and now it has become an everyday routine to stop for a short visit there. I spied this old wooden tray hiding on the shelf and I could not leave it behind. I am pretty sure if you look closer you will find these old wooden trays in most thrift stores. My love for jewelry developed very early when I was a little girl. Creativity was already there and I loved making my own earrings from wire and beads. However, I am not making jewelry anymore but I am kind of addicted to buying it. I can pick up a pair of earrings every time I run into Target.

So let's jump right in and see the before pic of this wooden tray.

Not so ah-mazing, right?

As you see, this tray was in really good shape and it did not have any major scratches or any other damage to it, so the surface was easy to work with. I sanded the tray just a little bit for the paint to nicely adhere to the surface.

I spray painted the tray with Rust-oleum white (flat) paint and let it dry for about an hour. Once the paint was completely dry, I taped off different shapes on the tray, randomly. Then, I spray painted the taped areas with my favorite gold spray paint (Rust-oleum- Metallic gold). This particular paint dries literally in minutes. So awesome!

Tip: Be careful with the spray paint. Make sure you cover the areas well that won't be painted. I had to retouch on a few spots due to having some small drops from spraying. After spraying the gold, I went on with my raspberry pink color. These colors are present in our still evolving master bedroom and I really thought that this tray would not only be a great organizer, but a wonderful decor piece as well.

I have a lot of jewelry and I absolutely needed something like this to hold my small studs, bracelets and rings. I found myself dropping everything on the dresser and after a few days it was always a huge mess. Not anymore, thanks to this lovely tray.

Not only do I have small stud earrings, but I also have very many longer and bigger earrings as well. I made a nice earring organizer using pretty fabric and an IKEA picture frame that I hang above my dresser. If you have a few minutes hop over to see it on Place Of My Taste.

I hope I inspired you to go look for a wooden tray or a pretty frame to make your own unique jewelry organizer.

This is it for me today, iHeart readers. Huge thanks to Jen for letting me share my project and sharing her wonderful space with me today. See you next time!

"Hey there. My name is Aniko and I blog over at Place Of My Taste. I am a wife, mother, business owner by day, DIY-er by night, design, decor and photography lover by heart who loves to cook, taste wine, dance for therapy and create all things beautiful. I share all this love over at my blog - at my happy place. Come see me there. xo"


  1. This is such a nice idea! Looks really pretty!



  2. Wow! The definition of turning drab into fab!!! Absolutely love this piece now

  3. Holy cow! I have never been the biggest fan of that wood color so I always avoided these types of, now I need like a dozen. This is a great looking piece now! Love it Aniko!

  4. I absolutely love this! Such a fast and easy update. I know that I've looked at trays like that a million times and thought what in the world would i do with that. KNOW I KNOW!!

  5. Oh wow! I love the unique patterns and mixture of colors. Typically, I only see solid colors (such as gold or white). I can't wait to try this out. It's something you could totally do for cheap by grabbing a few old, wooden pieces from the thrift shop.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  6. I adore Aniko and am so thrilled for her to be a part of your team! Great DIY project, love it.

  7. So pretty! Love Aniko and her blog! She is super talented & the sweetest!!

  8. So gorgeous and completely do-able as well!

    Welcome Aniko xx

  9. I LOVE the framed earring organizer and can't wait to make one of my own! Thank you for the inspiration, have any motivation to go along with that?

  10. Hi! This is just a gorgeous project! Can you tell me what brand/colour they raspberry paint is on the tray?

    1. It is Rust-oleum (my favorite brand) -Berry pink ;-) Have fun with your project, XO

  11. Aniko is SO talented! Love this!

  12. This is so beautiful! I definitely want to try this, my jewellery is all over the place, so I need somewhere cute to organise it all, i'll be on the hunt for cute little trays today :)

  13. I am kicking myself for getting rid of a very similar wooden tray about 2 years ago, It was in all my Mum's things and we were sorting out such a lot at once I just couldn't see ever wanting it. How wrong I was - I could have turned it into something lovely like this - doh! (now I will just have to keep my eyes open in charity shops and see if I can buy one back!)

  14. What a great craft! I see those all the time at resale shops. I might make a few for gifts to have on hand. I have a pewter-ish (not sure if it is real) leaf bowl that I use for my dresser.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  15. I did the same thing with the ones I got from a thrift store and shared it on Jennifer Rizzo's blog a few months ago ;) they look so much better with paint!

  16. Such a beautiful and simple idea! I'll have to be on the lookout at our Goodwill and Savers to find something similar. I have a jewelry box, but would love a tray for the items I wear more frequently!


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