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14 Reader Space: Sweet Baby Storage

Oh baby!  What is it about storage for littles that is just so darn appealing?  Their itty bitty clothing and shoes and diapers... sigh... so sweet!

Rachael is the beauty behind This is Our Bliss blog, and the moment I saw her smart nursery closet setup, I knew I had to spread the word.  She really maximized the closet with a beautiful system that even an adult could use and love.  I also loved how she added playful storage above the changing table, so she is here to chat about that as well. 

What is the main function of your space?

"The two main project areas in our son’s nursery were the dresser / changing area + the pegboard gallery wall and the closet.  The dresser functions as storage for his clothes, pj’s, socks, extra sheets and diaper changing goods, but it also serves as his changing table.  Just above it, we hung a large piece of pegboard which acts as a backdrop for a gallery wall.  The closet we built houses all of his hanging clothes along with lots of bins & containers for extra storage."

Any superstar tips for keeping the space organized?

"I find it easy to keep his room clean and organized because everything in it had a 'home' right from the get-go.  If all of his clothes, toys, blankets, etc. can make their way back to their designated spot, then we are in good shape!  I made labels for all of the bins and drawers in the closet, so it is easy to see where things belong, plus I love a good reason to use my label maker & laminator.  The labels help family (including my husband!) & babysitters know exactly where to find blankets, burp cloths, etc.  Also, when my mom is in town and helps with the laundry, she knows just where to put things away.  If you take the time upfront to put a good organizational plan in place for any given area, it’s much easier to maintain the order." 

What items did you find were essential when organizing this space and why?

"I am so in love with the IKEA PAX closet system we installed. We were able to choose exactly how many shelves & drawers we wanted in order to customize it for our needs. We used the system in the middle as our base and then built off the sides by installing DIY clothing rods and longer shelving to store bins & crates for added storage." 

What did you do to go the extra mile and "make it extra sweet"?

"Since we ripped out the old wire shelving in the closet & also removed the closet doors, we had some patching and sanding to do. After we finished, the walls needed to be painted, so instead of keeping the walls white, we decided to paint the entire closet lime green! I love how the crisp white closet unit really pops on the bright & bold walls. We left the doors off the closet, which gives the room an open & airy feeling with lots of color. I also had fun hunting for the perfect color coordinating closet organizing accessories – different sizes & shapes of bins & crates line the top shelves, floor and up and down the middle section of the closet and each piece has a purpose, but they also look nice!"

What items did you DIY to stay on a budget?

"The entire pegboard wall was one big DIY project, along with many other aspects of the room. The pegboard was my little playground for designing & decorating a wall in the room just for Simon. It serves some function, since I added a metal basket for diapers & other essentials, but it was mainly put up to showcase all of my DIY décor projects in a gallery wall setting. I created most of the pieces on the pegboard such as re purposing old plate display holders by painting them and adding fabric to add a punch of color to the gray wall. I also created a 'mustache' shadowbox & designed the nursery word art and put it in a frame. I wanted to include a few personal touches on the wall as well – our hospital tag picture, a photo of Simon & his big brother from his newborn photo shoot and the newest addition to the wall is a pair of his 1st shoes. I just couldn’t find it in me to pack them up yet, so I strung them on a piece of ribbon and tied them onto the metal bar next to the hanging basket! 

The closet was also a major DIY project for us. I owe my husband, dad and father-in-law a big shout out here. They not only installed the IKEA closet frame, but also cut custom shelves & installed them using painted plywood as support, cut & painted wooden dowel rods to use as a clothing rods and then attached them using plastic closet rod holders. He did a phenomenal job in there and totally brought my vision to life!"

How have these projects impacted your life for the better?

"I love to decorate our home, but putting this nursery together was the most fulfilling room project to-date. Typically, I am drawn to a neutral color palette, so it was exciting to introduce bright & fun colors in this space. Experimenting with a variety of patterns and textures was a blast and I just love how it all works together. As I mentioned, everyone pitched in a little to complete the room and even Simon’s big brother Henry helped. I love walking into the room in the daytime when the sun is shining in or sitting in the rocker at night with just a lamp on and looking around at everything we accomplished, but most importantly knowing it is a room we created with love. We hope it is a place where he feels safe, happy and loved, but one thing we know for certain, we have already created countless memories in here as a family. THAT is the best part."


I had no idea that the closet system was an IKEA find, so good!  The tower of storage offers open shelves for bins and display while drawers are great for storing small pieces of clothing and accessories.  Anytime you can add drawers to a closet, you win!  Same for double rods.  I have never understood why common closets only have a single rod...

I also applaud them for installing extra shelves on both sides of the tower.  The abundance of storage will be amazing for their son as he grows into a young man.

I love labeling in general, but the importance of labels in this space is proven when babysitters and extended family come to help and visit.  And all of the bins are super durable for kiddos, so as their son grows, they can be used for toys, stuffed animals and games.

And what makes it all stand out and shine like a diamond?  Painting the inside of the closet.  If you ever love a color but are afraid to commit to an entire room or wall, try it in a closet.  It will make you smile everyday.  I promise.

And since I am on a gushing tangent, doesn't that little basket of diaper goodies make your heart pitter patter?  Rachael did such a good job mixing form and function.  Using pegboard as display will allow their son to rotate out art projects, awards, photos and memorabilia for many years to come.  Plus, pegboard is so extremely versatile, it can also function as storage for homework items, crafts, small toys... Bravo Rachael!

If you are looking for even more nursery inspiration, you can see the entire reveal on Rachael's blog here.

*  All images courtesy of This is Our Bliss
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  1. What cute storage! I love little baby clothes and shoes! :D

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. I love those drawers in the closet.
    Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  3. I love the idea of labeling storage so that every item has a specific place to go :)

  4. I love this! I hope I will find a space for the kids stuff!


  5. Thank you again and again for the feature today, Jen!! Such a fun and happy day for me! I've loved reading your blog for years :) Have a great night! ~Rachael

  6. Is it weird that I'm jealous of a baby's closet? You did such a great job! I love the gallery wall, too!

  7. This baby's room is amazing! Right down to every detail......... I love it!

  8. The shoe cubby - where is that from?! LOVE it!!

    1. Hello,

      I am not sure the exact cubby being used by the reader, however, Closetmaid has a similar style which can be found at places like Target, Amazon and Home Depot.


  9. So sweet! When you combine IKEA system with your creativity something really cool appears. Greetings, Storage Ham Ltd.

  10. Do you remember what brand and where the closet tower was from?

    1. Hello, I believe the drawers they used were part of the Komplement series at IKEA ( We DIY'd a similar setup with the same drawers, which we shared here:



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