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6 UHeart Organizing: Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

I am still making my way through all of the amazing One Room Challenge spaces that were revealed last month, and there were quite a few amazing spaces that definitely caught my eye. One of those spaces belongs to a dear friend and iHeart Organizing contributor, Aniko! She tackled a guest bathroom makeover in six short weeks and the results were absolutely lovely!

I asked Aniko to share some details behind her bathroom storage solutions with us today. Although the space looks expensive all around, there are quite a few DIY and budget friendly organizers that were incorporated throughout. Aniko sure is a creative genius!

About a month ago I revealed my guest bathroom makeover, and I was overwhelmed with the wonderful response I received from readers and the features on social media. I love to participate in the One room Challenge each year, and this time I was invited to participate as a featured designer. Well, the pressure was about five times more intense to make something outstanding and amazing as opposed to when I was only a linking participant. We started with a builder's grade bathroom that needed some love. At the beginning of the process, and at the time of demolition, I knew that I would like to create something that not only my guests would enjoy, but a space that we can enjoy as well. I had envisioned a spa-like bathroom while I was dreaming about our bathroom makeover, so we created a fantastic spa-like bathroom that we now are able to enjoy each and every day.

Today I am going to share some of my favorite bathroom storage ideas that I used in this fun, warm, modern guest bathroom. These storage ideas not only look fantastic, but they are functional as well. Our bathroom is pretty small, and when I started planning I wanted to make sure that I utilized every inch of the room. Adding some DIY storage solutions helped to maximize the space.

So let's see these ideas one by one.


As you walk into the bathroom, the first thing that would draw your attention probably would be the hexagon shelves. The day before revealing my bathroom (yup, you read that right), I was looking for something that would be great to hold candles and small decor pieces and would also add some interest to the white walls. I ran to Target and found some neutral color hexagon shelves in their craft section.

I stained them with wood stain (Minwax Red Chestnut) that I used throughout the bathroom makeover for our DIY recessed lights and DIY chunky closet shelves as well. Then I attached them together using an brad nailer. Initially, I was going to use four of these cute hexagon boxes above the toilet, but last minute I changed plans and hung only two of them.


This easy five minute project was also a very last minute addition. When everything was in place, I realized that I only had the towel ring right beside the vanity, and I wanted to add other solution to hang additional towels.

Putting this piece together didn't take more than 10-15 minutes. I used a treated wood panel that I stained with the same stain I used for the other projects in the bathroom. After drilling three holes on the wood panel, I added simple black knobs (from The Home Depot). Again with the brad nailer, we secured it below the window. Pretty simple DIY and looks great, don't you think?


I am totally a basket girl. When it comes to organizing things around the house, I almost always choose large baskets to store cleaning products, everyday clutter, and items that are better if hidden. I just love baskets. I especially enjoy the wicker versions. I have a few of them in my entryway, and they are seriously life savers. I added this large round basket to my bathroom so my guests can drop in used towels and their laundry as well.

We took the door off of our closet, as well as the door of the bathroom, and we added a barn door (see more on that here), and we built some chunky looking wooden shelves in our closet. I used huge baskets to hide all the cleaning products and bathroom supplies.


I decided to add a bath shelf for several reasons. Number one; I love to soak in a tub with a cup of tea, and a bath shelf is the perfect place for my mug. Number two; I think it looks fabulous and the bath shelf can hold items that are beautiful to display. I used treated wood from The Home Depot, and of course, I stained the wood just like I did for the other pieces in the bathroom. If you wonder about those cute little plant holders, they are also from Target. They, come in a neutral color.


When I spotted this bamboo bathroom set, I almost fainted. I adore it! It's a simple, minimalist design and it was made to be in my bathroom. It's a six piece set, and it has everything you need. A soap dish, lotion dispenser, a jar with a lid that can hold cotton balls and such, plus a tray and a toothbrush holder. Stylish storage strikes again!

What do you think? I am genuinely pleased with all of the organizing solutions I found for this guest bathroom. You can see more images, before and afters, and sources for all products and pieces for this room in my bathroom reveal post. You can also check out some of my previous One Room Challenge makeovers here. And if you are gearing up for the holiday season, please come on over and see this year's Christmas decor ideas.

Wishing you the happiest Holiday season!



Hello! My name is Aniko and I blog over at Place of my Taste. I am a wife, mother and business owner by day, and a DIY-er by night. I love all things design, decor and photography, but I also have a passion for cooking, wine tasting, dancing and creating all things beautiful. I am so happy that I am able to share all of my joys over on my blog. I also run an online shop and recently published a photography e-book filled with tips to achieve beautiful photography and styling. I hope that you all come visit me there. Xo!


  1. Overall I love this bathroom (specially those gorgeous floor tiles and vanity unit: to die for :) ) One I think I would have done differently is the placing of the towels and wicker basket so close to the toilet. Little splashes happen even by just flashing the toilet (I'm just being picky here, sorry!) Because you already have a towel for drying your hands close to the basin, maybe a higher up hook in that little wall space between the window and the tiles? xx

  2. I love your blog but it's become too ad heavy and it's very distracting when trying to read the posts.

  3. I think the bathroom is beautiful! I do wonder about keeping bath towels so close to the toilet, however? But maybe you don't have sons like I do. 😅

    1. I thought the same thing but maybe because it is a guest bathroom it isn't as much of an issue. The towel closet to the loo could easily be removed/relocated. ☺️

  4. Beautiful, Aniko! I love the look! Where'd you get the round mirror?

    My boys deny it's them doing it (Um, hello? It's certainly not Mom!), but I even noticed recently that my WALLS are splattered and stained next to the toilet. Ugh! So I'd shove some things back from the toilet, but I'd definitely make them work in the room and not remove them entirely! All beautiful pieces and execution of the look!
    And I totally want a bath shelf!!! :-)

  5. This bathroom is stunning! I love the natural tones and those hexagon shelves are TO DIE FOR. I love that black and white tile on the floor, too. Absolutely love this bathroom and hope that when we finally get to re-doing our bathroom that it looks even half as stunning. <3


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