Wednesday, June 16, 2010

46 IHeart Giveaway: Customized Stationary!

**  Attention:  This Giveaway has since ended.  Thanks everyone for participating!!  ** 

You all may remember a Reader Space feature I did recently, when I shared with you Amanda's awesome bookshelf organizing project

Let me tell you, her abilities don't stop at organizing.  This gal runs her own stationary and custom art shop on Etsy, and when I checked out her facebook page, my eyes were in blissful sensory overload.

Customized Stationary is just as it sounds, it's stationary {note cards, announcements and invitions of endless designs and options} that can be customized with colors, fonts and text.  Sounds pretty fantastic right?!  Who doesn't heart total flexibility and options when it comes to stationary needs?!

I have also been fortunate enough to see Amanda's talent in person, so I can totally speak to how much I really heart her work.

I had picked out the most adorable stationary {which totally fit me to a perfecto T!} which she had printed right up and sent my way.  And I couldn't have been more excited when the envelope came, and I saw how beautiful the contents were!  The cards came to me packaged all nice and pretty, wrapped in a little bow.

Too cute for words right?  Equally as cute once the bow was removed!

I am already itching at all of the ways that I can use these beauties, but what I am even more giddy about is... Customized Stationary is partnering with me to offer you a giveaway!  Yep, you read it right folks!

One lucky reader will get to choose from either one of the following incredibly fabulous stationary sets {a set of 12 folded stationary cards with envelopes}:

or one of these trendy dwelling enhansing prints:

Now, trying to figure out which one to pick... that's going to be quite the challenge!

So, how do you enter?!  Simon says, "Complete the following simple steps, and one individual will be chosen at random to choose {and customize} the stationary or print of their liking!"

1) Be a resident of the US or Canada.

2) Leave your email or blog address so I have a way to contact you if you win.

3) Leave a comment stating, "IHeart Customized Stationary" along with which set of stationary or piece of customized art you would just heart to have.

4) Because IHeart to know more about you, tell me what things you do to give your home a customized personal feeling that sets your spaces apart from others!

Only one entry per person is permitted, it's only fair folks! There will only be one winner {selected using}, and the giveaway closes 9:00 p.m. central time, Friday, June 18th, and will be announced the following Monday! 

A great big THANK YOU to Amanda with Customized Stationary for this amazing giveaway! 


  1. "IHeart Customized Stationary" - Whoa whoa whoa! How cute is that tree with the initials in it! I would love that one!

    Its all about the color! Each room has its own personal color depending on the target mood.

  2. IHeart Customized Stationary!!

    I love the print with the two birds. I'm getting married in Nov. and we just bought a house last year that we have been slowly making our own. I love to add a personal touch with pictures of friends and family!

  3. IHeart Customized Stationary!! :) What a great opportunity for some beautiful stationary--thank you! I would love a set with the little birds, just perfect for our family of four. I have three picture frames on the wall near our eating area that I rotate frequently with pictures or personalized art. It's a great way to decorate for the season or just show off some of my kids' latest artwork. Thanks again!

  4. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!!!!
    Such pretty stuff. I'm torn between the pink bird on the green branches and the tree w/ the initials.
    I keep a rotating magnetic scrapbook board in our powder room and customize for the month with pictures and quotes. I'm kind of overdue for Father's Day but here's how it looked for Mother's Day.


    I love the tree with initials in it. So creative!
    Each room has its own feel. We just want it to be comfortable for us and our guests!
    Lauren G

  6. IHeart customized stationary!

    I love the notepad - a note easy to use for anything.

    We customize the was most people do - lots of pictures.

  7. IHeart Customized Stationary!
    I love both the pink bird on the branches and the tree with the initials in the heart. So cute!
    I love anything with initials on it. Like the K and K above our bed. :)

  8. IHeart Customized Stationary!
    It is very hard to choose but I think my favorite is the tree initial print. This print would look great and help personalize our brand new house we bought. We don't move in until December so I am currently collecting artwork from Etsy and working on DIY artwork projects to personalize our house and make it unique!

  9. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!

    My favorite is the first one with the 3 birds. Fits our family perfectly since we have one little munchkin!

    I love subtle touches of color for personalizing. I pick a color then add a few accessories that coincide with it and whala! A new decorating scheme! Super easy for me to change up too!

    My blog is

    You could reach me through my Facebook page though.. I'm a fan of yours! It's @

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  10. "IHeart Customized Stationary"
    kinda loving the bird in the tree (second print) and i personalize with pictures and personnel items from our past (old ticket stubs)

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  13. IHeart Customized Stationary!

    Yay, what a cute giveaway!

    I love the tree with the initials on it for the notecards, or just an art print, too. It's so unusual and cute!

    To spiff up and customize my own spaces, I like hanging my own artwork around the house. Cheap, and I can make them match my space exactly! They're also great conversation-pieces. Love it.


  14. IHeart Customized Stationary!

    I love things that are one of a kind. This stationary is beautiful and unique. In the internet world, I believe the art of sending a note or writing a letter or even sending an invitation (actually on paper) is (I fear) becoming a lost art. This customized stationary proves the art is alive and well! In my own home, I'm a bit artsy and eclectic so I enjoy mixing design styles and creating a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy, I love warm, comfortable and cozy with personal touches like photos and artwork or unique pieces that express who I am and what inspires me.


  15. IHeart Customized Stationary!!

    I love the welcome to our nest print!


  16. IHeart Customized Stationary

    Iheart the I love you this much print. We have an entire new house to decorate and I think it would be the perfect inspiration piece!


  17. IHeart Customized Stationary ~ the bird family. ;)

    i like trash cans all over the house to pitch random junk i find. ;)


    I would love the note cards but the print with the tree is pretty cute, too!

    I like to fill my home with personal art, because I am an artist. I have art from friends and also my own, which I can change at a whim or whip up a new painting when I need something that fits. It's fun!

  19. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!!!

    I love the Welcome To Our Nest print. Amanda does incredible work! You should see the beautiful invitations she made for our upcoming wedding.

    We just bought a house so we are just starting to make it our home. So far the most important thing we are doing is picking the right colors to compliment our lives and our home.


  20. They're all so pretty! My favorite is the tree with the initials. Sooo cute!

  21. IHeart Customized Stationary

    I love the one with the branches going across the whole page, it looks really cool.

    I shop at flea markets and garage sales - so my house has a very vintage-ecletic feel to it - which describes me down to a T.

  22. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!

    I love the "I Love You This Much" Print :)

    I like to personalize my creative sewing/crafting area by hanging above my desk an "Inspiration Corkboard"- pinning magazine articles, pictures, sketches and post-it notes with ideas for future projects! My creative space is 100% me and I absolutely love it! :D

  23. IHeart Customized Stationary! The pink bird and green branches is super cute! I am a photographer and love to make free art throughout the home!

    acecc001 at gmail dot com

  24. IHeart Customized Stationary

    All of the pieces are adorable. However, since I am a newlywed I would choose the "Welcome to our Nest" print. So cute!

    Since we have just moved to a new home we are busy decorating with family pictures and fun homemade art.

  25. Iheart Customized Stationary
    I like the "note from" set

    I like to personalize with tons of black and white pics of the kids.

  26. IHeart Customized Stationary! Oh my goodness, such a tough choice! I'd have to force myself to choose between the bird on the branch or the initial tree. Adorable stuff! I always make sure we both really love an item if we're going to have it around. I want to enjoy everything in our home,especially since we move every few years!

  27. IHeart Customized Stationary! I am torn between the cute example you have in the top photo and the infinity love sign because I am a nerd.

    We personalize our home with lots of trinkets and photos from our travels.

    You can find me at

    Thanks! ~Stephanie

  28. Iheart Customized Stationary!!

    I looooove stationary -- especially black and white pictures :)

  29. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!

    I love the tree with the initials in it. But everything is really gorgeous.

    I have a gallery wall where I mix personal pictures and DIY art for a completely unique look. Also, my husband and I have custom-built several pieces of furniture from our own plans.

  30. Iheart Customized Stationary!

    I love the print of the tree with the initials on it! Just got married, an A + M would look great on that tree! :)

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I always look forward to new posts ♥

  31. "IHeart Customized Stationary"

    I love the customized art that says, "welcome to our nest" that would be perfect in our entry way!

    I personalize with lot's of photographs and sea shells I collect. I also have a serious addiction to these teak ducks that we purchase from this store in the Outer Banks. I have all different colors and sizes all around the house. They each have a personalized name tag too! People wonder, "what's with all the ducks?"

  32. IHEART Customized Stationary!

    I like the Welcome to our Nest Stationary... so sweet.

    I like to decorate our house with things that most people wouldn't consider art. I am all about personalized touches like framing scribbled artwork from our nieces or framing tickets to events we went to... I actually just blogged about this. How bizzarre...


  33. IHEART Customized Stationary! I like the green branches and pink bird. I also like the "bird family" but I'd like another baby bird to represent our family of four.
    Most of our personalization comes from photographs, which are in every room. We have a couple friends/relatives who are professional photogs, so we always have a lot of great photos.

  34. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!

    I would love to get the first one you showed it's adorable! I dont have a space just for me but have been working to set an office for me this would be a great starter and inspiration!!

  35. IHeart Customized Stationary and I especially heart the pink bird on the branches!

    How do I personalize my home? It sounds obvious, but I really like to pick and choose from only the things that really seem like "me" from all of the blogs/magazines/etc that inspire me - the end result is something different than the original that is suited to my tastes.

    megan (dot) cowan (at) gmail (dot) com

    :) Love your blog! xo

  36. IHeart Customized Stationary!!
    I love the green branches, or the three birds together (although I would like a bird family of 4 for our family of 4)
    I like to decorate with real photos - of our family or ones that I have taken outside. Very Personal
    Thanks - I love your blog

  37. IHeart Customized Stationary!!!!

    which would I choose???? golly that's a hard one, I think that I would pick the second one (the pink bird on the green branch).

    I like to decorate using items that really reflect our interests and just anything we find or have given to us. We are proud to display pieces from our grandparents and other vintage peices that show where we've come from.

  38. I love it
    My email is

  39. IHeart Customized Stationary!! I'm not sure which one I would choose - they are all so great! :)

    As for decorating, I really like a lot of things - it's super-cool when people are able to put their personality into their spaces. :)

  40. IHeart Customized Stationary - the bird on the tree branch is too cute.

    I personalize a space with photos or items that I like so I won't have buyer's regret later.

  41. IHeart Customized Stationary! I heart all of them, but I think my fav is the one that has est.(date) welcome to our nest. We celebrated 10 years last October and I think that would be a great piece to hang in the entry way.
    When I decorate, I personalize with family photos, art from the kiddos, and bits and pieces from experiences in life that are meaningful to us. :)

  42. IHeart Customized Stationary! My favorite is the welcome to our nest - it would be perfect in our entry. I love to personalize with photos we've taken from our family vacations.

  43. IHeart Customized Stationary! I love the stationary you picked for yourself, especially with the cute little bird perching on your name. I try to personalize with pictures, I also love monograms though I don't have many of my own around my house, I'll have to get on that.

  44. Iheart customized stationary, and I heart you! I like the one with the three birds. I'm currently adding some extra pizazz to a plain throw pillow I bought at Target.

  45. Iheart customized stationary!

    I'm torn between the two birds and the tree with the heart & initials. Too cute!


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