Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Reader Space: Jazzing up Jewelry Storage!

Something must be in the blogosphere air because three amazingly talented readers sent me three amazingly awesome jewelry storage ideas, all within a few days of one another.  And because I was so spoiled with tons of eye candy, I get to give you boatloads of incredible inspiration when it comes to storing your precious gems.  How lucky are we!?!

Venishka wrote:

Hello Jen,
I love your blog and also Heart Organizing. 

How many times have you dug through your jewelry box to only find one earring? Or don’t you hate it when you’re in a hurry to get dressed and find your favorite necklace all tangled up? Or forget that you had great bracelet that would go perfect with your outfit because it is tucked away and out of sight? 

We’ll I came to the rescue of disarrayed fashionistas everywhere and have a designed a chic jewelry display that is a practical solution to keeping jewelry neat, untangled and easy to find while also decorating your space.

Each jewelry frame contains fixtures that hold earrings, bracelets, watches, bangles, rings, and necklaces all in one space, where you are able to see every piece. The wall hanging frames also feature a funky eye catching fabric background that turns it into artwork.  The jewelry frames come in a variety of colors and fabrics that are perfect for dressing up any bedroom, office, or closet. I mean you use jewelry to enhance your outfit, why not also your room.

Have a great day!!


Totally functional right?  Goodbye rummaging for that favorite piece of jewelry!  And it's such an easy DIY idea to use pretty drawer pulls and closet organizers, or, you could totally hit up the talented Venishka by heading over to her Etsy shop to check out more options and snag one of these beauties for yourself!!

Cat wrote:

Hey Jen!
I just wanted to write you and tell that I'm a huge fan of your blog. You've inspired me to whip my house into shape! We recently moved and I'll admit, all my jewelry was just in a shoe box that I kept rummaging through. I know, I know, the horror. But, I finally had some inspiration at a local antique store when I spotted an antique printer's tray. It had the perfect dimensions to fit on top of my dresser. I just love antiques, but I even love them more when they can actually serve a function (rather than just having them in the house just to have them.) Anyway, I hope you like this little organizing idea I came up with. I've seen these printer's trays all over the place and they are relatively inexpensive. I attached some pictures of it for you to see. You can also check out this post on my blog Budget Blonde for all the details!

Can't wait to see all of the other fun things you come up with!

Wowzer Cat!  What a genius idea!  So different than the first readers idea, yet equally as functional!  Look at all that room to grow a jewelry collection, making this a long term storage investment!  You just can't beat that!!  And I always love when you all are able to look past typical uses for items to create smart and pretty storage options!  

And the last jewelry inspired organizing project I received was from Allison {who has enough gorgeous bling to make any gal envious!}

Hello there!  First let me say that I am a big fan of your blog!  I am not always the most organized person (lol, my husband would probably say that is an understatement) but reading your blog keeps me motivated and inspired to keep trying.  I love that your projects are pretty, inspiring, AND functional.  That's a rare combo!

Though I'm not always the most organized person, there is one space in my house that I have worked hard to organize.  It involves sparkle, shine, and bling.  It's my jewelry collection!  I wanted to share this project with you to say thanks for all your fun inspiration and for any people out there who need help storing and organizing their jewelry.  I am a firm believer that if you can SEE your stuff, you will USE your stuff.  I have found that to be amazingly true with this project!  All of the materials in this "storage system" were bought secondhand and super cheap, an added bonus for me.

I've included a link to my blog where I recently blogged about my jewelry storage/organization/show off system.  I hope you like it!

Thanks again for creating such a fabulous space on the internet.  I love your style!

You can check out more and more incredible shots of Allison's fantabulous jewelry storage and find out how to DIY it yourself, by checking out her blog!  There is nothing that I don't just adore in these pictures, from the use of second hand items and spray paint to create a cohesive look, the daily functionality it provides and the beauty of it all!  And I totally sport small pretty dishes and an egg crate to corral my extra special goodies also, it's such a great way to keep daily pretties right in arms reach, while doubling as decor!   

You gals are all so incredibly creative and all deserve a huge round of applause!  I am so inspired to shape up my own jewelry storage, thanks to all of the amazing ideas and inspiration you all have provided!  Endless thank you's to you all!

Anyone else out there been breathing that blogosphere air and organizing your bangles?  Who is snagging up the storage love we received today, to start a project of their own?  Any other incredible jewelry storage ideas to share?  Thanks again to all of you girls for sending me your stories and sharing them with my readers!!

P.S.  Have an awesome story to share?  How about some organizing tips and tricks?  Maybe a project completed from an inspiration found?  Please send your story and photos to and I would heart to feature them right here, on the blog!! 


  1. Thank you so much for the feature Jen! You are too sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love it, I feel like a celebrity! Thanks so much for the sweet feature, I'm linking on my blog :)

  3. Ok, I'm old and practical. I love the printers box idea and think it is very charming and functional except for one thing. With is sitting flat like that it will get quite dusty, won't it? To clean it you'd have to dump everything out and then vacuum with the brush handle on the hose or wipe each compartment. What about having a piece of glass cut to fit the top? (just thinking out loud)


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