Thursday, October 6, 2011

6 Reader Spaces: Kid Extravaganza

Day four of my blogcation and the rockin' Reader Space week continues today!  And if you are a mama or plan to be one, you already know that when you add kids to the mix, it always gives you plenty more to organize!

Jamie shares how she also creates routing printables for her kiddos to keep their mornings and nights running smoothly:

Shannon created storage for her little one's school and art projects, to ensure she isn't hoarding all of their masterpieces:

Anna believes in teaching the fundamentals of organizing at a young age, LOVE that!

Angie has mastered being an organized mom!

Check out this landing pad she created!

And how she manages to pack healthy lunches:

And shows us how a utensil caddy also doubles as a great homework caddy and how she stashes away those extra school supplies that she keeps on hand!

I have been wanting to do this for ages!  I just adore how this kid's art gallery wall turned out!

Little Will got such a cool bedroom for a little guy!  And so much incredible organized toy storage to boot!

There is no arguing that these toy bin labels are amongst the cutest ever created!

Another day filled with amazing ideas!  Life with kid's can be crazy enough, so adding in bits of organization is a fantastic way to maintain sanity!  And they just may thank you for it someday!

Let's get chatty and share your absolute favorite tip for staying organized with kids!

I will kick it off again.  Mine is to get them involved and excited to help!  Picture labels work wonders and make it a "sorting/matching game" at pick up time so they are having fun while doing a chore.

Your turn again!  Ready?  Set?  Go!!


  1. I love seeing how other Moms organize kid stuff. And your feature week is a well spring of inspiration!!!

    My favorite tip for staying organized with young children is to keep the system simple, and keep the amount of toys reasonable to the age of the child and the kind of toy. It also really helps to get them involved in the organizing process. Our youngest always feels such a huge rush of accomplishment when he "organizes" his toys. It's just him putting them away, but he puts them where they belong, and feels like such a big kid for being able to do it by himself.

    Our oldest is now a teen, and the favorite piece of advice I've gotten has been to give him room to figure out how HE wants to organize his stuff. So, instead of organizing for him or with him, we set up guidelines, like "the floor is not a place for storing anything other than furniture" and "if it's a common area of the house, you have to follow the house organizing system" He's really been responding well to it. I've noticed that he keeps his own room cleaner than when I was helping him, and he's figuring out what works for him and what doesn't!

  2. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for sharing more of my organizing strategies with your readers! My oldest is in Grade 10 now and it has taken me years & several trys to figure out systems that work for our family. I am happy to share my experience with other moms in hopes that it helps to make their lives better! Wishing you a wonderful vacation! Angie xo

  3. Thanks again for the feature! I love your blog and am totally inspired by you AND your readers! Have a great weekend!

  4. love, LOVE the art gallery wall!!

  5. I just posted a blog about how I keep my boys' Legos organized. Check it out at

    And I'm loving all the great reader tips this week! Awesome!

  6. Love these, it's so nice for kids to have a FUN, organized place to play!!


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