Friday, October 7, 2011

24 Reader Spaces: Laundry, Mudroom, Entry and Bath Extravaganza

It's the final day of my blogcation and the rockin' Reader Space week is wrapping up today!

Today is a doozy.  In the greatest of ways.  So many incredible laundry {mudroom and entries too} and bathroom organizing ideas! 

I am totally digging how you all are painting out your laundry closets and maximizing the storage with shelving and baskets!  So so pretty!

Latoya added a super sweet circle border in her laundry closet:

While Anna decided to let all of the white cabinets pop against the pretty blue walls!

So much storage for concealing all of those laundry essentials!

Rachel used a slim shelving unit to maximize the storage in her closet laundry space!

Check out the organization in this mudroom closet.  I am giddy about the shelving setup combined with the labeled baskets:

Cindy created the most divine coat closet by mixing paint, wooden hangers and storage boxes!

You also proved that you have great tips for organizing linen closets and bathroom supplies! 

Rocky Mountain Mama used oodles of inexpensive baskets to whip her bathroom into shape!

Anna purged and organized all her meds!

And Jenn created the most adorable "Boo Boo Box"!

Abbey used boatloads of berry boxes to organize her toiletries, then added lovely labels to ensure it remains organized for the long haul!

Brandi took her linen closet to the next level with paint, wallpaper and baskets.  Now, it looks like it's own gorgeous room!

Just like everything Erin organizes, her linen closet leaves me breathless!

Aren't those labels just fantastic?! 

Let's get chatty and share your absolute favorite tip for staying organized in the hardworking entry, laundry and bath zones!

Mine tip is to only separate out your whites and delicates.  Then, each day make rounds and toss everyone's dirty clothes straight into the washer vs. allowing multiple laundry hampers and sorters to fill up.  Doing a load a day keeps the laundry at bay!

Your turn now!  Ready?  Set?  Go!!


  1. I officially want to stencil a border now! and paint the rest of my closets =) love it! Its so funny that I used to think I had too many little storage boxes and baskets... but now after blogging and getting the house in gear -- I totally dont have enough! =)

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  2. Loved this series! So many fantastic ideas.
    My # tip to stay organized is to do a quick clean sweep each night before bed...that way things don't pile up.

  3. Whoa! That's me again lol. Thanks Jen, these are all some marvelous spaces and I am ready to dive it!

  4. "Screaming with excitement", Thank you so much for featuring my linen clo1set! Such a pleasant surprise!! Thank-you, Jen!

  5. Fabulous ideas Jen! {as always!} Thanks so much for including my Boo-Boo box. So excited to be on one of my most favorite blogs! Have a great weekend.
    Jenn :)

  6. I love to see how others organize closets. I gives such inspiration.

  7. Overload! This is the kind of post to revisit time and time again for all the treasures. Thank you!

  8. I love Brandi's closet too great feature!

  9. My laundry tip is to keep a three bin hamper! We love's right in our bedroom. Makes sorting...not needed. :)

  10. We use small hampers on a shelf for sorting. It makes my life SO much easier and saves us floor space.

  11. Thanks for the features Jen!


  12. Jen this are all such great spaces. I'm drooling over the linen closet ones right now. I need to make some changes and this post might have just push me in the right direction to get my butt in gear to make improvements in my linen closet. I must purge to make it work though. :) This was a great series to do Jen...I hear it.

  13. Squeeee!!! Thank you so much for featuring me. Super exciting!

  14. Jen you are seriously so sweet to mention me on your amazing blog!!! I am so honored and excited every time. THANK YOU! I hope you've had a wonderful getaway this week. You definitely deserve it!!

    p.s. I still have your debut on the Nate Berkus show on my tivo. I've watched it several times! I'm just so excited about that for you!!

  15. Thanks tons for the shout out/feature today, on the blog.. Hope you are having a great vaca! Love your blog to pieces!! xo

  16. I love these organizers. Washer/dryer storage is very important in my apartment. Storage space is limited so I optimize every inch around my washer and dryer.

  17. what a great the pics you shared. look forward to seeing more here!

  18. Love love love them all, makes me want to go stencil a wall!! Why am I so scared to do that?!

  19. Thank you SO SO MUCH for featuring my coat closet!!!
    I was so excited to see it on your AWESOME Blog I screamed and scared my hubby! LOL :D

  20. I have to say. I'm very excited for the laundry/sun room at the house we just bought. I'm so excited to put up some shelving and organizational tools as soon as the flooring is in and our washer and dryer are delivered. It's a little sad ;)

  21. I want to channel these ladies' powers....

  22. i heart organizing too! my, what a wonderful laundry area you have.

  23. Really hardly ever do I meet a blog that’s give me what I need like.


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